Friday, June 27, 2008

Just some random update...

It's been quite a while since I last updated the blog. Other than busy with work, I've been busy with attending classes, crops, swapping handmade cards &, making a mini album for the newly wed - Simon & Wendy, as their wedding gift and also helping out as "sister" for their wedding. In fact, I attended 2 weddings in a row in June which has not happened for quite some time as most friends / ex-colleagues are married... Burning a big hole in my pocket, but I'm willing and am glad that these 2 dears of mine, have found their happiness.

Despite the fact that I have N times of scoping done, I still feel nausea after today's scoping, I really hated it when that anesthetic actually flow to my throat, leaving a super bitter aftertaste and causing all the discomfort. Immediately after my session with the doctor, I ran to the washroom to spit out the anesthetic and somehow vomited with some acid. Today's doctor confirmed that main culprit which caused my throat discomfort is acid reflux and that my throat is still slightly swollen. A new set of stronger medicine is changed for me, and due to my company's claimable medical expenses has exceeded since after my A&E appointment & first post treatment, now all expenses are on me only... This adds on to my "wound" as per tablet costs me $2.80 and a week's supply is $19.90. I wonder when will this end, I'm tired of going back to the CGH clinic with minimal improvement to my condition and with additional bills...

I am not one who really believe in shopping therapy, however, today, I'm truly in the mood to be in a shopping therapy session and I sincerely feel that I need one. After some many things that have happened recently, be it personal or work, I needed to distress myself. After my medical appointment, I went shopping in orchard area, from Mango @ Liat Tower to Far East Plaza then to Muji @ Paragon, Ngee Ann City & last stop at Espirit in Centrepoint. I can't believe that I actually spent almost 5 hrs just shopping in that area. Damage done - $xxx!!! I bought myself a pair of Jeans from Mango, 2 tops at Far East Plaza, a sharpener for the watercolor pencils from Muji, and I pair of jeans, 1 crop pants & 3 pairs of socks from Espirit (you must be wondering why so many pair of socks, I needed to top up $5 to get the VIP and due to on going promo with discounts given using the Citibank credit card, I top up with 3 pairs of socks instead of original 1 pair of socks, so basically 2 pairs of socks are free) Basically all items are all discounted items, if not, I would not have spent so much. Ask if shopping therapy actually helps, I would say, not really... glad that I have add in some new items to my wardrobe however, when the bills come, it will be another issue.

Anyway, the happiest moment do not come from my shopping session, but rather an sms giving me a "special assignment", this is real exciting but also stressful. I'm not sure if I can help but am glad that I can be of some help. As for the details, I don't think it's appropriate to reveal unless with consent. Anyway, that's a full stop for now!

Monday, June 16, 2008


今天下午收到了LF的SMS,预祝我生日快乐,blur blur的她,又再度搞错了:P 一个月前,她提早传来了她的祝福;这回,她又错把15日,当成16日,再度传来了她的祝福,无论如何,我非常感谢!

另外,Dor亦传了封简讯给我,要将Angels合买的生日礼物送来。不仅如此,她另外还买了一盒漂亮的donuts赠我。我亲爱的Angels, 谢谢你面的礼物,非常实用和窝心。

傍晚时分,log in Scrap.n.Crop Forum,亦收到好几位网友的祝语,谢谢你们。

另外,log in,要博客时,也收到老友,Ong Susu,的祝语及鼓励,感动不已,真想给你一个拥抱!

此外,还想对 The Scrapper's Loft Forum  的Irene,说声谢谢!前阵子在 TSL Forum里看到她上载自己制作的漂亮卡片时,不经意的表示希望能够收到这么漂亮的卡片时,她却非常认真地制作了张漂亮的卡片给我。谢谢你,我十分十分的喜欢你制作的卡片!

还有,我亲爱的MF,谢谢你另外送的 Provo Craft Cuttlebug embossing folders,我一定会善用它们来制作漂亮的卡片! 当然也谢谢你送的 stationery pouch,你看到它被塞得满满的,就知道我有多欢喜,收到这份礼物 :)



Sunday, June 15, 2008




想要多了解这个感性的男生,请浏览JIAHUI物语。。,他的官方网站则是虽然我愿意。。一人一半。。伍家辉。  不要将你对他的认识仅限于《一人一半》及《虽然我愿意》,他其实是个极为出色的创作人并创作了许多歌曲,由许多巨星演绎。






Tuesday, June 10, 2008


我的“亲爱的”, 终于于6月5日出阁了,为她好不高兴!

出席她的婚宴时,看到她,终于找到了她的幸福,禁不住落泪! 那一幕,看在她的眼里,或许以为我是触景伤情。 不能否认,或许,我多少有些感触;然而,我确是千真万确,因她的开心而喜极而泣!

曾几何时,她曾为了不愿承诺的他,而几度在那段异地恋情边缘痛苦挣扎…  如今,她终于找到另一个愿意呵护、守候她一生的人,但愿她幸福! “一定要幸福哦!”

Monday, June 9, 2008

Gathering - 30th May 2008

It's been a long time since I last catch up with Shirley & Jac. The last gathering is probably abt 9 months ago. Have not been really in contact with most ex-colleague, esp, after the incident happened. So most of them had no slightest idea what I've gone through for the past few months, be it work or personal...

This time, had it not been Jac wanting to meet me to pass me her wedding banquet invitation card, she would not have known abt the incident too. As she know him too, and was asking how things going for us, I really have no wish to hide from them, coz, although deep in my heart, I hope for miracle to happen, however, I also know that this is almost impossible... They felt so heartache that I keep everything to myself, going through everything by myself... I thank "God" for giving me such loving friends.

Then as we were chit chatting, I was wondering how's T, the "silly & blur gal", whom I really dunno whether to call her innocent or simply too naived. I was shocked to hear that she has just given birth few months back and now, is an unwed single parent.

T, Jac, & me, the 3 of us, who are of the same age in our dept previously, are now facing totally different fate.

T, who has been in & out of relationships in search of true love, being made used of by those idiots guys, ended up in such a state. Haiz... Why is fate fooling around with her, and so cruel to her? Jac, who used to be in much love-hate relation to her distance relationship, is now, going to marry to another guy who is willing to commit. And me, whom, everyone thought, the most blissful one, & should be settling down soon, is having a broken relationship and back to square one...

A friend told me, everything happens for a reason. Whatever it is, I hope to know the reason and not being kept from it. Else, till the day I step into the coffin, I'm still unwilling to leave without the truth being told!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gathering - 29th May 2008

When I was on my way to meet the angels, I bumped into Cyn who is going for a buffet dinner nearby. What a coincidence! We had a short chat which is supposed to be a few minutes that have been extended to approx 15mins... As Dor has smsed that she's getting hungry, I got no choice but to bid Cyn farewell and catchup some other time...

Then, just before I get to the entrance of N.Y.D.C. at the Hereen, I bumped into someone again, this time is, Marcus, the pilot! He and his gal fren were just sitting near the entrance, what a small world! We just has a short exchange of "hi" & he intro his friend to me, but due to the music too loud, I can't really catch his friend's name :P

Finally got seated and the rest of the gals are late, and sad to sad, Dajie can't make it last minute, we were all so "disappointed" or "lost"? Hmm... just can't find the correct word, my English vocabulary is simply "Pte Ltd"! Hope she can make it the next time round! We had a great time updating each other of recent updates or thoughts, and has a great indulgence in the yummy food. Here's some photos to tempt ya!

With the vouchers redeemed from my credit card bill, we saved $20 from the bill. Then, Dor suggested that we go for a more quiet place for chit chatting, and since, she too, got a $20 voucher from Coffee Club, we decided to proceed there, and then, we continue our guilty indulgence...

Time flies, before we know it, it's already amost 11p.m., although, we still have a lot more to catchup, we got to part as tomorrow is a working day...

Gals, thanks for your kind understanding to change the date to Thur, knowing that I has another gathering on Fri and that I had very much wanna join you gals....

Gathering - 23 May 2008

It been long since I last catch up with Robbinhood. Today, he suddenly smsed MF & me, asking if we are free to meet. We meet up only once in a while, so of course, I put off some of my time originally intended for overtime, to meet up with him... I used to put work in the 1st place, and know not how to prioritise! This has caused me to lose a lot, I simply cannot afford to lose more... Be it friendship...

MF is late so the 2 of us just went round "Central", looking for a food outlet to settle our dinner. Finally decided to settle for TCC, quite like the ambience, cozy corner for catch up with friends. I had a hard time deciding what to eat as TCC has several new dishes on board and no sure of the serving especially for those fusion style, wonder if they are worth the money & whether sufficient to fill my stomach. I ended up with this - Tofu Decker, The decker are formed by tofu & apple, the slices of grilled cucumber & carrots serve as garnish..

The serving seems little, however, surprisingly, with a glass of ice blended drink, this is more than enough to fill my stomach.

This is what MF & Robbinhood had, tried the fish from MF's plate, it's pretty tasty...

After the dinner, as usual, we proceed to a drinking place, a place to relax and catching up. Great to hear that Robbinhood had succeeded in his proposal during last year end. Time just past without us realising, it was 2a.m. and we just have to bid goodbye till we meet again. Hope the next gathering will be receiving Robbinhood's wedding invitation card.