Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saying Hi from Los Angeles...

Despite that I'll be going for my personal tour with sis, before proceeding to Louisville for meeting & training. I just don't have the mood... I'm having a tough time adjusting to the time difference now is approx 11.12pm at L.A. and I feel so sleepy now when my usual sleeping time is in the wee hours of 1am or later..., yet I can't get to sleep...

I simply can't help but worry about my coming presentation and work etc.. We also did not have sufficient time to do a proper planning on the trip...

Anyway, I'm so glad to have met Kristy of Far Flung Crafts on the same plane... We din had much conversation exchange though, coz we are all trying to catch some rest... But somehow I did not managed to rest enough as after transit in Narita, the passengers changed to a family of 3, with a little spoilt brat, making lots of noises, and moving his hands and legs and hitting me ocassionally...

Now sister is sleeping soundly, I feel so tired but somehow just can't sleep. Will try to get some sleep else this will be a wasted trip as I don't get to enjoy the fullest!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! 母亲节快乐!

Hereby taking a chance to greet all mothers out there, good health always & a Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Wanna Watch Jay Chou's Concert!

Hated the fact that I need to go toi JB plant, as I'm hoping for the chance to get Jay Chou's concert ticket for performance on 25th Jul which will be released on today 9am. Urghhh!!! There is many firewall and restricted sites in JB plant so eventually I lost the chance to hope to get the ticket! But anyway, deep in my heart I know chances are slim... Well Well... just too bad, as I'm definitely not ready to give in to pay a high premium for the tickets... 塞翁失马,焉知非福!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some Creations to share..

Ed is "complaining" that I've not been creating... The true fact is, sometimes I will rather spend time on brainless game in facebook to distress.. But I did created some stuff during my "MIA period"...

OK, here is my humble creations for the past few months... Pls do feel free to give some feedback & comments..., esp my dear Ed if you are reading this post!

Nov '09 -- Farewell Mini Album for Candy, using the Webster's Pages 6"x6" PP
Finally use my zutter..., The cover page is embossed on the edges with Prima Flower stamps and the musical notes stamping done in the clock (did you noticed I actually stamped upside down? keke :P) Glittered the flowers tooo, Chinese words are hand written by me...Altered an envelop to fit the album size to contain our love notes to her, stamped the background and cover the edges with MT masking tape. OK, gotta admit the stamping is badly done as this album is a last min work to rush out as farewell gift for her... This is also the reason why the abum is placed on an ugly background with holes. This is the "table" that we managed to find in airport near the departure hall to do our final touch up!

(P/S: Did you realise the top left corner is a lips marks of a guy? He's my best pal in current co and it's his wifey who help him put on the lipsticks in the airport, we all had a good laugh there!)

Dec' 09 - Xmas creations
Some simple 6"x6" Xmas mini LOs for my closest poly pals... Did you realise these LOs are using purely PPs, with some cutting, tearing & inking only?

Some simple handstamps sentiments on a 3"x3" handmade tag to go along with the Xmas presents...

2 very simple Xmas cards... basically using PP, stamping & inking only...

Jan'10 - Altered Canvas - Friends Forever
Using various series of PP & fabric tags that are proudly sponsored by Kristy of Far Flung Craft...

Feb '10 - A belated altered canvas wedding gift...
Painted and inking on the background, with lots of glittering using with both Ranger stickles & Plaid Glitter. First time using the plaid glitter that I bought some time ago. After this, I realised I still love Ranger stickles the best, though it's more expensive coz it can give better effect than Plaid to achieve what I wanted... Quote & heart stickers from Creative Imaginations and birdcage transparency from Hambly... I have also used the the Prima Flower Say it in Pearls Butterfly Swirl, which I have slightly altered the way the swirl goes (much higher of the top left swirls).

This is how the prima swirl originally looked like... I've done without the butterfly too, coz I only feel like placing it only if there's a pair of them. Picture taken by courtesy from webpage of Scrapbook Doodle.

Mar '10 - Farewell card to colleague
First trial with the Ranger Rock Candy Distress Paint. Having fun with it... Will definitelty try on other projects!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Labor day & National Scrapbooking Day!

Hi All, Time flies real fast, it's the 1st day of May and 1st Saturday of May, Happy Labor day & National Scrapbooking Day! Before I know it, we are almost coming to mid of the year...Hope you guys out there had a great time?

I had a great time meeting up my drearest Ong Susu on yesterday. It's great to know that there will always be someone there for you, willing to share a listening ear, listening to your trouble, or even nonsense at times.... Giving you some advice, a pat on the shoulder & all the empathy you needed. We have known each other for more then 20 years, though we hardly meet up and hardly catch up with each other ( we meet less than 3x a year on the average), yet our friendship is always there! When we meet up, we have no qualms in opening up our hearts, sharing the deepest secret!

And today, Cary, my JB counterpart came over to Singapore and meet up with my boss & me for lunch. She has yearn for MOS burger and cross the border just for this! We treated her, her BF & fren Mos Burger, Lee Wee Bro Otah, Tori Q Yakitori and 1A curry puff. Hope these stuff are not too heaty for them...

And best of all, I managed to sqeeze time to go over to Regine Groove to meet up with the Groovie Gals of Groovie Java Scraps Cafe, it is the 3rd anniversary!!! Ooh hoo, Congrats!!! Sorry that I'm late and did not get to meet up with you June, I certainly hope that we will get to meet up soon!

And thanks Regina for the RAK of chipboard scallop album & for lending some of the hÄnglar & stÄnglar stamps , Magnolia Stamps & Donna Downey stamps, etc... I had much fun stamping these images (I stamped 3 cardstock sheets full of images!). I'm inspired to make some cards... Oh yes, talking about hÄnglar & stÄnglar stamps, these are the stamps that I have been eyeing for the longest but never get a chance to lay hands on these as these are hand made rubber stamps that are limited to selling to Sweden & Norway only. And I was so glad to get a chance to lay my hands on these for today! Once again, thanks Regina!