Saturday, September 27, 2008

A busy Saturday

Last night was on MSN with my few pals till 2am+, surprisingly, I woke up at 8am+. Having nothing to do, I starting cleaning my aircon. Woo! It is sure dusty despite the fact that I do clean the inner filter occasionally. Did a thorough cleaning and spend like almost 1 hr!

Then Sasha send over the scarlet lime kits plus catslife press stamps from the spree organized by her. Woohoo! just nice, I could use the ATC stamp for my ATC cards.

Finally work on my long overdue ATCs, did some really simple ones as I'm practically brain dead from recent continuous backing up of my colleague's work during their absence... Prepared some RAK for the gals as I feel real bad for delaying some long...

Went to MWL in the afternoon to collect other items from sprees organized by Feli. Loving the Unity Stamps, Fancy Pants rub on & Urban Lily Secret Cards! Thanks Feli for organised these sprees and help me to save much $$$, on the other hand, because it is 40-60% cheaper than LSS, I simply can't resist the temptation which is something real bad for my pocket! :(

Met up with MF at the same time to have a "kopi session" at the toast box and time past real fast, and then I need to rush back to the post office to collect some bulky parcel. It happens to be Studio Calico Kits, 2 big boxes! Luckily their weight are still manageable...

Looking at the yummy stuff brought home, I can't help but lay my hands on the Fancy Pants Rub ons and did a card for someone special who has been encouraging me and brighten my days... A simple card with Fancy Pants Rub On, Tim Holtz Distress Ink & Colud9 sentimental stamp. But I'm loving the end product!

Then come to packing of items which I have sold during the last Groovie Stash Sale and some Groovie Rak for some of the groovie gals...

Today is sure a long day for me, but it is very fulfilling as I have done a lot of things and finally managed to do up my long outstanding stuff as well... What a tiring yet great Saturday!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Everything Happens for a Reason...

Read my best friend's blog, wondering why she has chosen the more difficult path in life... I personally feel everything happens for a reason. Ironically, a few months ago, I still cannot accept this fact when a friend told me so... and now I do agree to this.

Same here, I could have gone to a JC, but I went to a poly... I even kena "questioned" by my school 主任for not attending the 3 months JC course, which I got shocked as I'm never an outstanding student, and to the extend that I will get her attention.

I could have went to my ideal business course, but I heed the advise of relatives, going against my will and attended accounting course and eventually failed my core subject and repeat for half a year. But I'm glad that I went to the poly accounting course, there I get to know my angels and a few others, whom I know, will be friends for life. And I glad to have friends stand by my side during my failure...

I could have stayed put in PIA and get ready for the promotion interview, getting prepared to be promoted to executive position, but I choose to leave just before this. Years after I left, I still floating around being no one, working as a customer service. However, I glad that I'm out the office politics from someone whom I once loved & treasured as much as a sister and get a chance to explore around, learning more things.

We could have been from 2 souls combined to 1, but you left me without giving any reasons. Till now, I realised that you came to show me how to love and communicate, and become a better person. And maybe like the sayings goes, the end of one relationship represent the birth a new relationship, a new beginning...

Somehow, things do happen for a reason. It is a matter of how long you take to realise... some people may take a while to realise while others spend their whole life to get the answer behind this...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008



Thursday, September 4, 2008


I'm thankful for...

1) having worked out for 1.5hrs full after a long break (this shows that I'm still healthy & fit)
2) being loved, then & now... (love is greatest of all)
3) having great friends around, be it rain or shine (they are my greatest treasures in life)
4) having squabbling sibblings (we squabble; we fight; but we care)
5) having naggy parents (naggy though, but I know you guys just want the best for us, sorry for my nonsense at times)
6) being able to appreciate great music /songs (my hearing is poor but my ears are still working fine)