Saturday, September 29, 2007

Limited Edition Barney (限量版巴尼)

Spotted this limited edition Barney during little Kacy's baby shower... so cute!!!

Are you interested in getting one Barney in Diapers (Limited Edition)? Muahaha...


Friday, September 28, 2007







Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sweet Gesture...

Yesterday received an sms from one of my yahoo auction client. She was asking me if I use Bodyshop products and kindly extend her previlege of 30% off the retail price to me. So sweet of her...

Was very touched. We do not know each other in person and have had a few exchanges via sms and emails.

It could be out of gratitude that I gladly share with her some simple html codes used in my auction listings to break the lines; that she decided to extend her previlege to me .

I could have played her out since I do not need to pay upfront for the Bodyshop products. Yet, she go ahead with buying the items for me. The value of the products is not too expensive but neither are they just a few dollars items. Trust is probably built through our first auction transaction.

Anyway, am glad that I'm building up my credibility, even with newly made "friends"...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007



Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Today a friend show me a link to Mediacorp Artiste, Sharon Au's blog. After browsing through her blog, I find it quite impressive. Negi's blog is filled with many photos, and mostly short and sweet statements which are with depth and impactful. Reading her blog is like drinking a cup of latte while reading at the brasserie in a lazy afternoon, feeling very relaxed yet have a sense of fulfilment. I wanna link her!

今天,在友人的介绍下进入了新传媒艺人,欧菁仙 (Ōu Jīngxiān) 的博客网站。网站里头以照片居多,简短的文字却依然震撼人心。阅读她的网页,犹如在街边的咖啡馆边享用拿铁边阅读,度过了慵懒的午后,轻松但充实。希望能与她连线!

Monday, September 24, 2007

My Blog, My Secret Garden?

I've initially thought of using "my secret garden" as the blog name, however, I feel that a blog is not where one keep your secrets. If one ever wants to keep secrets within herself/himself, it is better to jot down in a diary where by you can keep your thoughts in a hidden drawer and best kept in his/her heart. A blog is somehow an online diary whereby you are willing to share publicly your thoughts and happenings around you. That is why I eventually abort the idea using "my secret garden" as my blog name.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Baby Shower of Little Kacy

Attended the full month pre-celebration of baby Kacy together with Kit-Kiat yesterday, the actual date is 26/Sep but for the convenience of we guests, it is held on the weekend. Baby Kacy is such a sweet pie that I can't help snapping her photos. Hope to do a mini album for her, and one for her elder sister, Kelly. Hope this can be put into action soon :P

Pleasant Surprise in the mail boxes

Yesterday had some pleasant surprises in my mail boxes.

Opened my letterbox and among the piles of letters, consist my RAK prize from Far Flung Craft. Inside the enevelop, is filled with lovely embellishments that I can use for my scrapbooking or other handicrafts creation. Yummy goodies, all thanks to Kristy. Looking forward to your range of new PP (pattern papers). In case you wonder what RAK means, it means Random Act of Kindness.

Followed by opening my email, there in my yahoo email inbox, is an email from the groovie team, informing me that I'm one of the 10 earlybirds that is eligible to crop with {Create}. What a lucky day for me! Looking forward for the activities in line for the crop session on 6th Oct :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Puzzle of Life

Had a hard time thinking of a nice blog site as most of the ideal blog site name is being used. Eventually, I have decided to have the blog site under my name and picked one of my favorite as my blog name. Yes, the blog belongs to me, nobody else, but me!!!

I playing with the word punning of the word " puzzle" for the blog name.

Under, the word, puzzle have several meanings, listed below are some which I think are more relevant to my blog name:

puz·zle Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[puhz-uhl] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation noun, verb, -zled, -zling.
1. something puzzling; a puzzling question, matter, or person.
2. a puzzled or perplexed condition; bewilderment.
3. a jigsaw puzzle. –verb (used with object)
4. to ponder or study over some perplexing problem or matter. —Verb phrase

Here, I thinking of the complexity of life that took me years to ponder and wonder about, and yet still can't figure out the true meaning of life, just like a unsolved puzzle. ~ Do I work to live, or live to work? Or, do I live to slog? What do I actually seek in life? These questions have been bugging me for years but till date, I've got no answer.

The bits and pieces of life, be it sweet or bitter, is like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, forming the memories of life. In this blog, I will share more about me, my thoughts and my creations. Bits by bits, you will get a clearer view of who I am, just like when you started to fix up more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle...