Monday, June 9, 2008

Gathering - 30th May 2008

It's been a long time since I last catch up with Shirley & Jac. The last gathering is probably abt 9 months ago. Have not been really in contact with most ex-colleague, esp, after the incident happened. So most of them had no slightest idea what I've gone through for the past few months, be it work or personal...

This time, had it not been Jac wanting to meet me to pass me her wedding banquet invitation card, she would not have known abt the incident too. As she know him too, and was asking how things going for us, I really have no wish to hide from them, coz, although deep in my heart, I hope for miracle to happen, however, I also know that this is almost impossible... They felt so heartache that I keep everything to myself, going through everything by myself... I thank "God" for giving me such loving friends.

Then as we were chit chatting, I was wondering how's T, the "silly & blur gal", whom I really dunno whether to call her innocent or simply too naived. I was shocked to hear that she has just given birth few months back and now, is an unwed single parent.

T, Jac, & me, the 3 of us, who are of the same age in our dept previously, are now facing totally different fate.

T, who has been in & out of relationships in search of true love, being made used of by those idiots guys, ended up in such a state. Haiz... Why is fate fooling around with her, and so cruel to her? Jac, who used to be in much love-hate relation to her distance relationship, is now, going to marry to another guy who is willing to commit. And me, whom, everyone thought, the most blissful one, & should be settling down soon, is having a broken relationship and back to square one...

A friend told me, everything happens for a reason. Whatever it is, I hope to know the reason and not being kept from it. Else, till the day I step into the coffin, I'm still unwilling to leave without the truth being told!

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