Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gathering - 23 May 2008

It been long since I last catch up with Robbinhood. Today, he suddenly smsed MF & me, asking if we are free to meet. We meet up only once in a while, so of course, I put off some of my time originally intended for overtime, to meet up with him... I used to put work in the 1st place, and know not how to prioritise! This has caused me to lose a lot, I simply cannot afford to lose more... Be it friendship...

MF is late so the 2 of us just went round "Central", looking for a food outlet to settle our dinner. Finally decided to settle for TCC, quite like the ambience, cozy corner for catch up with friends. I had a hard time deciding what to eat as TCC has several new dishes on board and no sure of the serving especially for those fusion style, wonder if they are worth the money & whether sufficient to fill my stomach. I ended up with this - Tofu Decker, The decker are formed by tofu & apple, the slices of grilled cucumber & carrots serve as garnish..

The serving seems little, however, surprisingly, with a glass of ice blended drink, this is more than enough to fill my stomach.

This is what MF & Robbinhood had, tried the fish from MF's plate, it's pretty tasty...

After the dinner, as usual, we proceed to a drinking place, a place to relax and catching up. Great to hear that Robbinhood had succeeded in his proposal during last year end. Time just past without us realising, it was 2a.m. and we just have to bid goodbye till we meet again. Hope the next gathering will be receiving Robbinhood's wedding invitation card.

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