Sunday, May 11, 2008

Be Kind to Myself...

I decided to be kinder to myself... It has been stressful with E out of office, for the month for her exam leave; work has been piling up, and concidentally, I have many deadlines to meet for my challenges and swap program; I wanted to do some housekeeping, getting ready for the Scrapbooking stash sale in coming June. 24hrs are barely enough for me to complete my on hand tasks. Have been sleeping at extremely late hours for the past 2 weeks, and for once, I decided to be kinder to myself.

I've allowed myself to sleep till 11am on Sat, am supposed to go out in the afternoon, however, was really tired and feeling sick, stayed home and accompany mama to watch DVD. And this weekend, I deicided to drop my idea to log in to the ERP system to clear my backlog so that I'll be less stressful with work piling up on Monday, though I still log in to the webmail to clear some emails. The fact is, if I were to continue to log in to ERP to clear my backlog, it will soon be an excuse / habit for me to log in more often. So, I wanna minimise logging in unless work is really over piling!

Spent some time to do a bit of housekeeping, tagging prices on the stuff, preparing for the stash sale, and made a few uncompleted cards, to be completed by next week. Have been feeling laid off & things are much behind schedule. I guess, it's time to work on a time plan to get myself more organised, so that things will be more on schedule.

Tonight, I'll be kinder to myself to rest earlier so that I can have the energy to face the challenges on tomorrow.


祝天下母亲 - “母亲节快乐!”

Taking a chance to wish all mothers out there - "Happy Mother's Day!"

Monday, May 5, 2008

There goes my Sunday...

Today went for brunch with my family at Changi Village, to have the usual Dim Sum. After brunch, stayed home to watch the HK Serial which mom bought in China - 溏心风暴.

While watching the DVD, I also made 2 cards using my newly bought Friskar Threading Water Punch. Was greatly inspired by Irene Aka Scrappyheart from TSL, she has made an extremely beautiful card with the punch.These are the 2 simple cards that I've made:
This is using DCWV Cardstock & Pattern Paper (PP), Autumn Leaves (AL) Rub On & simple doodling at the 2 corners. This card is meant for my "younger sis" buddy who is getting married soon.

This is using DCWV Cardstock, AL Rub On, Fontwerks Stamp, Ranger Stickles & DewDrop ink. This card is meant for my Scrappin Kids Forum Mystery Swap Partner, apart from the RAK (Random Act of Kindness) that I've prepared for her, hope she'll like it.

End of the art works, I proceed with some home chores - sweeping floor, mopping floor, putting clothes to washing machine for cleaning, cooking rice for dinner. And after dinner, log in to company webmail to check if my inbox has been flooded. Alas, this is how my Sunday goes...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What Pattern is your brain?

I took the quiz and my result as below:
Your brain is always looking for the connections in life.
You always amaze your friends by figuring out things first.
You're also good at connecting people - and often play match maker.
You see the world in fluid, flexible terms. Nothing is black or white.

I would say it is rather true to a certain extend...
Try it and tell me how true you find about your result!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

Gosh, I send in this greeting post late in Singapore but, it is still 3rd May in other part of the world, so greetings to these visitors who happened to drop by my blog & belated NSD to the rest living in the same zone :)

Went to MWL for the NSD sale and burnt a hole in pocket, having fun with my group of scrapping friends, chit chatting, playing in house stall games and tikam tikam. Though I did not managed to win the grand prizes but won a couple of small prizes which I'm still quite happy with them.

This is what I won from the game booths.

And these are what I get from the $5 tikam which proceeds are supposed to go to some charity organisation. I've picked #6 (Basic Grey Paper Pack with retail value worth $12.50) & #76 (MM Vintage Kit with retail value worth approx $25 or more) as some other favourite nos are taken before I had the chance to pick them, e.g. 16, 25.

See the photos with all the happy faces, you will know that we had a great time. Photo taken by Adib (Feli's BF) & provided by the courtesy of Yannie.

Made a new friend, Aneessa... Love her smile with dimple, she's so clearly such a sweetie cutie pie. She has even present me an epoxy stickers of pooh & friends and now is in my keepsake box. Hmm... Let me try to scrap it, but I will need Ed's photos!!! keke :P

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What I've been busy with...

Eating Delicacies...

Doing Hair Rebonding...

Swapping of Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) and altered matchboxes, through Scrapbook forums and Swap-Bot, etc.

Card Making...

Packing sold items...

Scrapping - Attending Crops, Particpating in Challenges, assisting a friend with her First Scrapbooking LO to her hubby as Birthday Present

Experimenting with the wonders of Picasa...

& Last but not least, sharing good stuff with my family...

Happy Labour Day!

Hi All,

It 's been quite a while since I last post some thing. Just dropped in to wish everyone a happy holiday. Will post the stuff that I've been busy with for the past few weeks... Today, I just wanna R&R, taking a good rest at home, nightmare will begin tomorrow, but I will not think about it too much. Just wanna knw how I wanna live today!