Friday, June 27, 2008

Just some random update...

It's been quite a while since I last updated the blog. Other than busy with work, I've been busy with attending classes, crops, swapping handmade cards &, making a mini album for the newly wed - Simon & Wendy, as their wedding gift and also helping out as "sister" for their wedding. In fact, I attended 2 weddings in a row in June which has not happened for quite some time as most friends / ex-colleagues are married... Burning a big hole in my pocket, but I'm willing and am glad that these 2 dears of mine, have found their happiness.

Despite the fact that I have N times of scoping done, I still feel nausea after today's scoping, I really hated it when that anesthetic actually flow to my throat, leaving a super bitter aftertaste and causing all the discomfort. Immediately after my session with the doctor, I ran to the washroom to spit out the anesthetic and somehow vomited with some acid. Today's doctor confirmed that main culprit which caused my throat discomfort is acid reflux and that my throat is still slightly swollen. A new set of stronger medicine is changed for me, and due to my company's claimable medical expenses has exceeded since after my A&E appointment & first post treatment, now all expenses are on me only... This adds on to my "wound" as per tablet costs me $2.80 and a week's supply is $19.90. I wonder when will this end, I'm tired of going back to the CGH clinic with minimal improvement to my condition and with additional bills...

I am not one who really believe in shopping therapy, however, today, I'm truly in the mood to be in a shopping therapy session and I sincerely feel that I need one. After some many things that have happened recently, be it personal or work, I needed to distress myself. After my medical appointment, I went shopping in orchard area, from Mango @ Liat Tower to Far East Plaza then to Muji @ Paragon, Ngee Ann City & last stop at Espirit in Centrepoint. I can't believe that I actually spent almost 5 hrs just shopping in that area. Damage done - $xxx!!! I bought myself a pair of Jeans from Mango, 2 tops at Far East Plaza, a sharpener for the watercolor pencils from Muji, and I pair of jeans, 1 crop pants & 3 pairs of socks from Espirit (you must be wondering why so many pair of socks, I needed to top up $5 to get the VIP and due to on going promo with discounts given using the Citibank credit card, I top up with 3 pairs of socks instead of original 1 pair of socks, so basically 2 pairs of socks are free) Basically all items are all discounted items, if not, I would not have spent so much. Ask if shopping therapy actually helps, I would say, not really... glad that I have add in some new items to my wardrobe however, when the bills come, it will be another issue.

Anyway, the happiest moment do not come from my shopping session, but rather an sms giving me a "special assignment", this is real exciting but also stressful. I'm not sure if I can help but am glad that I can be of some help. As for the details, I don't think it's appropriate to reveal unless with consent. Anyway, that's a full stop for now!

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  1. Glad that you actually have some shopping done :) I havent been shopping for clothes for a long long time.... the moment i step into orchard eh.. its like nothing to buy lei... heheheehhe