Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Protect To Tell: Cervical Cancer Awareness and Protection

Thanks to Jessie, I get to attend this Protect To Tell Event where the professionals shared valuable knowledge on Cervical Cancer protection and clarified on misconceptions about Cervical Cancer.

The event was held at One Fullerton at Lady M Confections where we were treated some delicacies before the talk starts.

First, we have A/Professor Anne Goh, President of Singapore Pediatric Society, to do the opening speech, sharing how efforts over the past few years to raise awareness about cervical cancer have helped the rates of Cervical Cancer to drop.  Yet, Cervical Cancer remains to be one of the top 10 cancer among Singapore's women. Hence, there is a need to dispell the myths that most people had, to better educate and prevent cervical cancer.

Next, Professor Tay Sun Kui, Senior Consultant of Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, SGH, help to clear some myths about Cervical Cancer.

Many believed that Cervical Cancer is not common, the truth is, Cervical Cancer will be the 2nd most common cancer affecting women had there not been any prevention programs. Globally 500,000 women are diagnosed each year.

It is caused by a common virus - Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which is transmitted through Skin-to-skin contact, be it sexually (sexual intercourse or contact at genital area) or not (mother to infant during delivery).

Pap Smears and HPV vaccination (3-dose course) play different roles in prevention of Cervical Cancer, the former detects changes in your cervix cells which may develop into cancer while the latter helps to prevent certain HPV infection and reduce the risk of developing cervical pre-cancers and Cervical Cancer,

While the best time to vaccinate is prior to sexual debut, it is proven in clinical trials that the vacine is efffective in protecting women who were already sexually active.

There is better immunogenicity to vaccine young, HPV vaccination has been included in Singapore's National Childhood Immunization Program for aged between 9 and 26 years old, not compulsory though.  The goal of vaccinating adolescents is to reduce the risk of cervical cancer not to encourage sex promiscuity.

The vaccination will not impact the onset of the menstrual cycle nor interfere with adolsecent development, therefore there's no need to wait for your daughter menses before vaccination.  The main side effects are: injection site pain and redness, low grade fever and fatigue.

Next, Dr. Chia Yin Nin, Senior Consultant Gynaecologist, KK Women's and Children's Hospital who has been into 15 years of Gynaecology practice, shared how she has seen patients from all walks of life coming to her in different cancer stages.

Most of us would have thought that a commercial sex worker will have a higher risk in contracting this dreadful cancer by prostitution, but in fact, they were the ones least susceptible to cervical cancer, as they go for a Pap Smear screening once every 6 months to obtain a license to practice sexual relations.

No family history of Cervical Cancer does not mean you are safe from it. In fact, most women who contracted Cervical Cancer had no family history of it. Per Dr. Chia’s experience, the high risk group actually belongs to regular house wives whom believe that they will never get into contact with this disease and never get into any prevention program.

Dr.Chia shared about her youngest patient, passed away from Cervical Cancer at the age of 27 after first diagnosed at the age of 25.  It was heart wrenching to see her departure, leaving behind 3 young kids and an 18-month old baby. After this, she is more affirmed that she needs to be more aggressive in creating awareness through public education to preventing Cervical Cancer.

Bear in mind that Cervical Cancer has no signs or symptoms. A Pap smear screening helps to detect any changes in cervical cells but is NOT ENOUGH to protect one from CERVICAL CANCER. All women aged 25 to 69 years-old who have intercourse are advised to have Pap smear screeening once every 3 years.

If you are concerned with the high cost of HPV Vaccination, you can dispense the worries, as now, you can use up to $400 per Medisave account per year under the Medisave400 scheme to pay for HPV vaccination, read more here.

Free Pap smear screening is now offered by Bishan clinic, call 6499 9133 to make your appointment NOW!

Sharing is Caring,
remember to spread the words to your lady friends around...

Disclaimer: “Protect to Tell – Cervical Cancer Awareness” on 12th April 2014 Sat (the “Event”) was held as a lunch session, organised and sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline Pte Ltd. I was not paid for participating in the Event. All personal views expressed here are entirely my own.

Bought Over of Crystal Jade by LVMH

Following the investment in homegrown brand Charles & Keith in year 2011, the French luxury goods giant, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton is investing in another homegrown brand - Crystal Jade, a Chinese restaurant group.

One affter another Singapore brand being invested / bought over by the luxury goods giant, is something Singaporeans can be proud of, as it shows that Singapore brands are starting to get international attention and established themselves as an entity worth investing in.

LVMH's private-equity arm, L Capital Asia has acquired about 90% of Crystal Jade in a deal that market sources place at around US$100 million.

Crystal Jade is set to soar in coming years with LVMH's expertise in branding and marketing, as well as securing strategic locations for its outlets worldwide.  There will be plan to expand to other parts of the world, including Europe and the Middle East and eventually, issue an initial public offering (IPO).

With this acquisition, will we be expecting a touch of French in future Crystal Jade's menu?  This, we can't tell for sure, if not in Singapore, there might be a possibility in the European countries?  But I definitely wish the taste left untouched. The minimum we can expect, is probably some new / revamped outlets with more exquisite interior design to woo a different group of patronizers?  Some concern for the patronizers will probably be, will the menu prices be increasing substantially?

What do you think?  Share your thoughts here...

續2011 年投資於新加坡品牌Charles & Keith,法國奢侈品牌巨擘 Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) 最近透過旗下的私募基金L Capital收購了新加坡中式餐廳翡翠餐飲集團 (Crystal Jade)旗下的翡翠餐飲逾90%股份,交易作價一億美元。




隨著LVMH的收購,大家都議論紛紛,翡翠餐飲是否會在日后於餐譜上增添法式餐點?這一點不置可否,或許不會在新加坡這兒執行,但,極有可能在歐洲地帶執行? 心中期許,

Information Source/ 資料來源:

Image Source: Crystal Jade Website

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Free Marvel Super Heros Animated Stickers on WeChat

Have you downloaded the Marvel Super Heros Animated Stickers that will be free on WeChat for limited time till 28 April 2014?  After 28 April 2014, you will need to pay for these stickers at S$1.28.

The list of Marvel Super Heroes includes, Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Incredible Hulk and the sexy Black Widow.

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Gala Premiere - Singapore

Attended the The Amazing Spider Man 2 Singapore Gala Premiere earlier at VivoCity Golden Village!


Before the movie starts, the group of us had an Oscar selfie together with.... "Gwen Stacy"!!! Did you managed to spot her? Lol!

We had more photos after the movie:

If you are expecting this post to be The Amazing Spider-Man 2 spoiler, then I'm sorry to say that you are gonna be disappointed. I really felt that it is worth spending your bucks to step into the movie theatre to catch this 3D action fantasy movie.  But here's a trailer for you to see for yourself, what can be expected?

However, I would gladly share the almost 2.5 hours long movie covers quite a nos. of topics including, love and romance, brotherhood and friendship, respect and self esteem and internal conflicting emotions, etc...


The Amazing Spider Man 2 Synopsis:
In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) finds a greater conflict to struggle between the ordinary obligations of Peter Parker and the extraordinary responsibilities of Spider-Man. While it's great to be Spider-Man, there's no feeling quite like swinging between skyscrapers, embracing being the hero, and spending time with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone).

But being Spider-Man comes at a price to protect his fellow New Yorkers from the formidable villains that threaten the city. With the emergence of Electro (Jamie Foxx), Peter need to confront a foe far more powerful than him. And as his old friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), returns, Peter comes to realize that all of his enemies have one thing in common: OsCorp.

Movie Casts:

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker

Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy
Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn, the Green Goblin

Sally Field as Aunt May

Jamie Foxx as Max Dillo, the Electro

Movie Quotes:

Gwen Stacy: I know we all think we're immortal. And we should feel that way. We're graduating. The future is and should be bright. But like our brief four years in high school, what makes life valuable is that it doesn't last forever.

Peter Parker / Spider-Man: You know what it is I love about being Spider-Man? Everything!

Peter Parker / Spider-Man: I made a choice, this is my path.

Max Dillon / Electro:
That must be pretty cool, huh? To have the world see you like this - the amazing Spider-Man! I wish I was like him.

Aunt May: Everyone has a part of themselves they hide, even from the people they love most. And you dont have forever, none of us ever do.

Aunt May: I once told you that secrets have a cost. The truth does too.

Peter Parker: Everyday I wake up knowing that no matter how many lives I protect, no matter how many people call me a hero, someone even more powerful could change everything.

Harry Osborn: We have the power now. We literally, can change the world.

More Movie Stills for your pleasure:

My Verdict:

The plot and momentum of the movie is well planned with great 3D effects! The gorgeous casts are simply eye candies to the audience, especially Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone & Dane DeHaan. Humour has been injected to the action-pack movie which makes it exciting yet entertaining. It is highly recommended to catch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 3D and IMAX® 3D, which will be officially screening on 1 MAY 2014!

Last but not least, thanks Sony Pictures Singapore for the invites!

Image Credit: Sony Pictures

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Game On! To The Ultimate Selfie Challenge by Singtel and Samsung!

Football fans out there, don't miss your chance to meet the Manchester Rivals Rio Ferdinand and Sergio Agüero in Singapore! Get a taste of Manchester’s fierce football rivalry as SingTel and Samsung bring these mega soccer stars to town on 15 May - 16 May 2014.
The two-day SingTel Game On! challenge, is part of SingTel’s regional partnership with Samsung, which was recently launched together with the highly anticipated GALAXY S5 LTE. It aims to celebrate Singapore’s passion for football in the leadup to the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The Ultimate Selfie Challenge
For a chance to meet Rio Ferdinand and Sergio Agüero in person, simply purchase a Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE on a SingTel Mobile Lite Plan and above during 11th April to 8th May. Four lucky winners will get a pair of invites to have dinner with the players. To score that dinner date, suggest the favourite local pastimes for the footballers to do when they are in town!

How to participate:
• Take a “selfie” while enjoying a popular Singaporean activity and share it via Twitter using #SGGameOn hashtag, from April 23 to May 4
• Ferdinand and Agüero will pick their favourite “selfie”, where the lucky winners get a pair of invites to join them for a dinner

Customers who purchased the handset of GALAXY S5 LTE can also get players' autograph at a football carnival event on May 16, on a first-come-first-served basis.

In additional, the footballers will also game on to post their selfies while enjoying a popular Singaporean acitivity on twitter, and encourage their fans to retweet them.  The player with the most number of retweets will ULTIMATELY win the challenge!

For more information, stay tun ed at

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Remembering Nicoll Highway Collapse in 2004

Today is Easter Sunday, while there is a group people celebrating for the occasion, there is probably another group of people, mourning on this day.

Time flies... In a wink of time, the Nicoll Highway collapse incident had already past 10 years.  I would not call this an anniversary as this is a remembrance of an accident, a disaster...

10 years ago, when the incident happened, I am still working at Panasonic Industrial Asia Pte Ltd, on the 14th floor of the Concourse Office building.  I can still remember the details very clearly.  The incident happened while I was very engrossed in my work, then suddenly I realised the fluorescent lamp above me was flickering,  I can't help having a bad phenomenon.

The next thing I knew, there was a very loud thump sound which we all had not realised what had happened.  Then my colleague from other department called to check if we felt any vibration, and asked if there had been an earthquake. 

Colleague started to crowd around the window where we can have a very clear view along the Nicoll Highway...  I decided to join in the crowd and to my horror! There were big cracks on Nicoll Highway! And the crane fallen into the cracked path with some cars at the verge of falling into the cracked lanes.

When I realised what happened, the next thing that comes into my mind is to get in touch with my siblings who are working along the Nicoll Highway at that time.  My brother was working at Golden Mile Complex and sister, CF, was working at Gateway then. Tried calling my polymate, Celeste who worked in Suntec City too, but the phone just can't seemed to get through.  The phone network seems to get interrupted, phone calls can't get through and there were no SMS response from my siblings and friend.  You won't be able to imagine the anxiety of not able to get hold of them. 

It is only almost half hour later that I finally got in touch with my sibling and friend to to learn that all are sound and safe!  Brother was actually evacuate from the Golden Mile Complex and Sis and Celeste are much further from us and thus was not really affected, except for the telephone network and some temporary blackout.  However, not everyone were as lucky as us.  The accident took away 4 lives, among whom, is Mr Heng Yeow Peow, who will be remembered by all.

Instead of running for his own life, Mr Heng turned back to the construction site and made sure his eight co-workers got to safety first.  Eventually, his body was never recovered by the endangering rescuers.  His spirit in sacrificing himself for others, his selflessness, is greatly admired. 

RIP, Mr Heng Yeow Peow...

A recollection of the Nicoll Highway Collapse Incident:
The Nicoll Highway collapse was a construction accident that occurred on 20 April 2004, at approximately 3:30 p.m., when a tunnel being constructed for the underground Circle Line, near Nicoll Highway collapsed. The supporting structure for the deep excavation work failed, resulting in a 30-metre (100 ft) deep cave-in that spread across six lanes of Nicoll Highway. The collapse has caused four lives and three injuries and resulted in delay of the construction end date for the Nicoll Highway MRT station. (Reference from Wikipedia)

Hitting "The Right Note" With Olivia Ong In Celebration of World Voice Day 2014

In celebration of World Voice Day 2014, Strepsils launched a nationwide singing contest, The Right Note on 15 April 2014, in search of the best voice to be led by two home-grown turned international stars, Olivia Ong and Lee Wei Song, who will also act as the campaign ambassadors and provide guidance to these talents, bringing out their best to strive for their future.

While World Voice Day is commonly celebrated among the rest of the world, this is the first of its kind in both Singapore and Malaysia, where the campaign will be launched, to discover hidden vocal talents in support of World Voice Day. .

The top 5 finalists whom will be determined through voting among the public and Lee Wei Song, will get to perform alongside Olivia Ong and receive tips from her, while the final winner will get to record an original single composed and produced by Lee Wei Song and his team, winning prizes worth up to $25,000!

Olivia Ong singing "A Love Theme" as the opening of the Media Conference.

The latest Strepsils' campaign meant to fuel aspiring local musicians to share their melodious vocals with the world onstage.

"With Strepsils’ The Right Note competition, we exemplify the importance of treating our voices with care so we can continue to create an impact in moments that matter," said Ms Hina Nagarajan, General Manager of Reckitt Benckiser Singapore and Malaysia. 

Olivia Ong with General Manager of Reckitt Benckiser Singapore and Malaysia, Ms Hina Nagarajan.
“As a singer, one of the scariest things that can happen is to lose your/my voice." , asked Olivia on tips of taking care of her voice, she shared that ‘warm honey lemon water’ would be the answer to it, or, alternatively, a packet of Strepsils with ‘honey lemon’ flavour.

From Left to Right: Lim Pei Fen, Olivia Ong and Ms Hina Nagarajan

Host - Lim Pei Fen

To participate in The Right Note contest:
  • Submit a video recording of minimum 1 minute, between 15 April and 16 May 2014
  • Participation can be in solo, or a group of up to 3 members (all must be vocalists).
  • Only Singaporeans of 15 years old and above are eligible for this contest.
Refer to for more details.

Friday, April 18, 2014

McDonald's Hello Kitty Bubbly World Collector's Set in Celebration of Hello Kitty's 40th Anniversary

In celebration of Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary, Hello Kitty and her friends are bubbly dressed up in 6 characters in a shape like a balloon -  Kerokerokeroppi, My Melody, Osaru No Monkichi, PomPomPurin, Tuxedosam and Bad Badtz-maru.


My Melody

Osaru No Monkichi


Bad Badtz-maru

Wanted to be the first in the world to get your hands on the new Hello Kitty Bubbly World plush toys? 

Do you know that Singapore will be first in the world to launch the Hello Kitty Bubbly World plushies?  Hate to be in long queues and worse of all after hours of queuing, you couldn't get the desired Hello Kitty Bubbly World plush toys?

Online Purchase
Now you can get the Hello Kitty Bubbly World Collector’s Set at $80 including GST, at your own convenience by purchasing them online at, starting from 23rd April 2014, 11am onwards.

Each Hello Kitty Bubbly World Collector’s Set comprises of:
• All 6 Hello Kitty Bubbly World plush  toys
• Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Certificate in a specially designed folio 
• 6 pcs of $5 Extra Value MeaI Food Vouchers
• Delivery to your doorstep via Speedpost delivery or 24/7 self-collection through the new SingPost POPStations.

P/S: Each customer may purchase up to a maximum of 3 Collector’s Sets per online transaction, while stocks last.

In-Store Purchase
Alternatively, you can get individual Hello Kitty Bubbly World  plush toy at $4.95 together with each purchase of an Extra Value Meal in McDonald's restaurant.  In-Store Sales will start from 28 April 2014, 11am onwards, where you can buy up to a maximum of 4 plush toys per store visit, subject to availability.

A  new  design  will be released every  Monday  at  11am, starting from 28 April:
• Kerokerokeroppi (From 28 Apr)
• My Melody (From 5 May)
• Osaru No Monkichi (From 12 May)
• PomPomPurin (From 19 May)
• Tuxedosam (From 26 May)
• Bad Badtz-maru (From 2 Jun)

P/S: Hello Kitty Bubbly World plush toys will not be available via Drive-Thru, McCafe or McDelivery.

Visit for more details!

Image Credits: McDonald's Online Store

VivoCity Fashion Parade Show 2014

As part of the VivoCity Fashion Parade Campaign, a line-up of fashion runway shows will be carried out at VivoCity Central Court during 17 April to 20 April 2014
17th April 2014, 7pm – Opening Show by TANGS
18th April 2014, 4pm – Bershka Spring Summer 2014
18th April 2014, 7pm – Desigual For Everybody: Sexy Fun & Love
19th April 2014, 4pm – G2000 Summber Fashion Show 2014
20th April 2014, 4pm – Celebrate The Extraordinary with Team Singapore Athletes

First 200 shoppers each day, with a minimum spending of S$200 (max 3 same-day combined receipts) will be entitled to redeem a pair of entry pass to the Fashion Parade Show.  American Express Cardmembers only need to charge $150.

With courtesy of VivoCity, I attended the Opening Show by TANGS.




To view more photos of the Fashion Parade Runway, pls visit my facebook Photo Album here.