Sunday, June 29, 2014

Café Fest: Café-Hopping in Singapore

Café Fest will be bringing 12 homegrown cafés to serve up freshly brewed and fresh-out-of-the-oven pastries all in one venue at The Waterfront Promenade on 6 and 7 September 2014.

The world’s first Café-Hopping event, dedicated to coffee lovers, the event is slated to provide over 4,000 café-hopping-lovers an unique experience under the scenic Marina Bay skyline.  Along with Instagram-worthy coffee latte art and delectable sweet treats from the specially selected 12 Singaporean cafés:
The Providore, Hatter Street, Toby's Estate Coffee, Common Man Coffee Roasters, Tiong Bahru Bakery by Gontran Cherrier, Maison Ikkoku, Bloomsbury Bakers, Necessary Provisions, Jimmy Monkey Café & Bar, OZ Specialty Coffee, I am, Cake Love.

From 10am-8pm on Saturday and 10am-7pm on Sunday, cafe-hopppers can look forward to lively performances from musical acts from bands such as 53A, Marc X Hashy, The Sessionists and many more. That’s not all!  Friends and families will also have a chance to pit their hopping skills against one another in an old-fashioned coffee sack race along with many other fun games and activities.

While admission is free-of-charge, only festival visitors who have purchased café-hopping passes from the Café Fest website ( and selected participating cafes are able to buy & enjoy the wide variety of drinks and treats at the event. Passes are priced at S$20 (early bird), thereafter S$25 and S$30 (VIP Experience).
For more details on the festival, visit:
Official Website:

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SIWW Street Activation

Thanks to all the 1000+ of you who headed down to Bugis Junction Water Fountain / Orchard Road on 14 June 2014, to make your #SIWWPledge!!!  Without you, the Nuffnang bloggers would not have possibly helped to reach the target of 40,000 pledges (S$40,000), 15 days ahead than expected!

Although I had not been able to join the street activation, but I’m glad to know that there are friends who still head over to Bugis Juction Water Fountain to pledge their support for  No amount of words can express my thanks enough, love you guys!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Do continue to show your support by raising more pledges and spread the awareness of pressing water issues at (there will be no more monetary involvement since target has been reached, this is just to spread the awareness)

Here's a message from the sponsors and beneficiary:

Once again, thanks to all who made your pledges during the street activation and those who had pledged against my Instagram #SIWWPledge selfie post.

Last but not least, a BIG thank you to all the sponsors and organizers for raising the money for!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Going for All Organic and Natural (AO&N)?

Received a care package from All Organic & Natural (AO&N) through TIN recently.  The AO&N distributed and marketed brands as Bio+Green Crystals, Bio Shield, Choice Organic Tea and Little Innoscents.  I thought the name "All Organic & Natural" is pretty catchy since people are moving towards organic and natural products, this certainly leaves an impression.

The original care package is supposed to come with the "Choice Organic Teas", but due to some logistic arrangement, I have yet lay my hand on these. But looking at the tea list, I am already looking forward to try them as they seem to cater to my needs, especially since I have been sleeping too little and need much focus and concentration during work.  Will do a separate review after I tried the teas.

Bio+Green Crystals is an organic cleaning detergent that uses revolutionary new Crystal compounds in water-soluble pouches containing pre-measured amounts of chemicals. Just drop the sachet into the spray bottle and fill with 1 litre of water, mixed with warm water.  Shake to dissolve the sachet, there's no need to cut the sachet open. Magical, isn't it???  This is so easy & convenient, saves you storage space of multiple packs of different re-fills, and most importantly, the bio-degradable sachet is so environmental friendly!

Bio+Green Crystal
1 x All Purpose Cleaner (SRP: $11.45)
1 x Toy Cleaner (SRP: $14.77)
1 x Fruits & Veggie Wash (SRP: $11.45)
1 x Bathroom Cleaner (SRP: $11.45)

Bio Shield are of organic and natural, protectant sprays, designed to maintain and enhance the skin’s immune functions and shield your skins from bacteria, etc.  You can conveniently protect your skin just with a few sprays!!!

1 x BioShield U! (SRP: $23.30)
1 x BioShield Kiddy (SRP: $23.30)
1 x BioShield HandSan (SRP: $12.80)
1 x BioShield Healthy Feet (SRP: $21.00)

Little Innoscents are Australian made baby skincare products, using 100% natural, pure and organic ingredients which are completely free from toxic chemicals, Parabens and all other little hidden nasties.

Little Innoscents
1 x Travel Pack ( SRP: $24.90)
Hair & Body Wash,
Intensive Soothing Cream,
Moisture Rich Body Lotion,
Winter Blues Vapour Balm
1 x Sun Lotion ( SRP: $21.30)
1 x Goat Milk Soap Bar (SRP: $8.30)
1 x Mineral Powder (SRP: $11.60)

Among the items, I have tried on the Little Innoscents Sun Lotion.  Yes, no doubt it is meant for kids, but as my skin can be quite sensitive at times, this will be great to apply on the delicate face.  I love that the tube of sun lotion comes with an aluminium foil seal so as to prevent the product from getting oxidized before usage. 

When I squeezed the sun lotion out from the tube, I was a bit hesitant to use it upon seeing its thick and pasty texture.  I'm sort of worried that my face will get oily after application.  However, one should not be too fast to pass judgement. It took a while for the sun lotion to blend in, but surprisingly, my face remains fresh and clean after apply.  In fact, my face remained oil-free yet retaining the moisture through out the whole day.  I'm rather impressed and happy with its performance.

In additional, I tried on the Little Innoscents mineral powder, which is talc free and 100% naturally pure, and best of all, it is eczema friendly. Not known to many, I actually had slight eczema problem.  Loved the scent of organic peppermint and lavender essential oils, very refreshing and soothing.

Rough in the texture, the Australia White Clay of the mineral powder helps to provide a high level of natural absorption and protects one from skin irritations.  It does helps me to sooth my skin area which is irritated by eczema.

Will be sharing more reviews after using the other items in the AO&N care package, do check out the space again :)
If you are keen on any of the above products distributed by AO&N, you may want take a look at
Exclusive for the readers!!!
Enter "201406-TIN.Bloggers" as the coupon code to enjoy a 5 percent discount.
Do share your reviews and comments should you purchase any of the products!!!

Citrus Lifestyle Events @ Scape

For the first time ever, Citrus Media presents the very best of its four titles in one single occasion. Discover true style and opulence for the ultimate blissful matrimonial unions; revel in the joys of sharing a home with the animal companions; and grow with the vibrant and ever-changing local hospitality and F&B scene. Citrus Lifestyle celebrates the essential and empowering aspects of personal lives and businesses, while presenting out-of-the-box solutions tailored for your everyday needs.

Held over three days right in the heart of Orchard Road, Citrus Lifestyle is set to enchant, educate and entertain with our fun-filled programmes, celebrating the all-encompassing spectrum of Citrus Lifestyle!

For the soon to be married couples:
Featuring the very best professionals, products and services of our local wedding industry, Magical Transformations will be one experience that is bound to enchant. Revolutionise hair & make-up workshops, and exclusively designed gowns modelled on the catwalk. Get the wedding dress of your dreams with a low price, starting from $188 at the Grand Auction, where home staples, childhood montage packages and more are going off at jaw-dropping prices as well.

A world of premium and novel wedding essentials awaits, from pre-wedding photography packages to pre-marital and financial counselling. Also stand to receive lucrative prizes and deals at Magical Transformations.

RSVP at now to get your free goodie bag.

For the pet lovers:
Join Clubpets United for a romping good time with exciting goodies and activities to Playspace @ SCAPE. Sign your dog up for the record-breaking Mass Doggie Solemnisation Ceremony, check out the latest doggie outfit trends at the Dog Fashion Show, and much more! It’s also going to be the largest Pomeranian gathering in Singapore, so don’t forget to bring your dear Poms down to hang with their furry friends. Note: all doggie and feline friends are welcome!

Visit for more details.

Venue: The Ground Theatre, SCAPE, Orchard (next to Orchard Cineleisure)
Date: 27th June to 29th June 2014
Time: 12:00pm – 9:00 pm


多年前曾觀賞過,由梁朝偉和徐若宣主演的電影 --《每天愛你8小時》,裡頭有這樣一句對白,“愛情其實好象等巴士,這輛你嫌沒有空調,不想上。那輛你嫌人多,也不想上。好不容易等到一輛人少的了,你又嫌不能直接到達你要去的地方。於是錯過了一輛又一輛可以乘坐的巴士,等到你著急了,想著隨便上一輛巴士吧,卻發現大多的車已經滿員了,已經沒有你的位置了… …”


人,總是貪得無厭,總是希望所擁有的是最好的,是最完美的。然而,卻總是忘了問自己是否也一樣完美無缺。在你要求對方的同時也請以同樣的標准來要求自己﹔因為在你挑剔著對方的時候,對方也可能正挑剔著你。如果你總以為自己高高在上,無幾人能匹配,一心想找個完美伴侶。那麼,也請你做好心理准備,你的“完美”,或許就隻能留待孤芳自賞。因為在你等了又等,內心憧憬著下一位會更好的當兒,孰不知已與許多有緣人擦肩而過… …


朋友,如果你已錯過了不少的巴士, 你是否仍要繼續等下去,直到你心目中的理想巴士抵達?又或許, 在歲月蹉跎下,你打算隨便上一輛巴士?還是,在接二連三登上錯的巴士后,你已絕心不再乘搭巴士,而改乘其它交通工具,轉換跑道。



Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ground Zero 放射空間 "Simple Life" 《簡單生活》 Album Launch And Music Showcase

Attended Ground Zero's "Simple Life" Album Launch Showcase at Hark Performing Studio, on Sunday, 8 June 2014.  The Taiwanese Indie band, founded in year 2010, with rising popularity in the region, was invited, alongside with the "Queen of Drama Theme Songs", Chriz Tong, a Singapore singer, to do the opening for this year's Spring Wave Music Festival in Singapore on 7 June 2014.

成立於2010年的台灣獨立團體 -- “放射空間” 於近日到新加坡,與本地電視劇唱女王, 湯薇恩,為6月7日春浪新加坡演唱會開幕演唱。他們也借此行於6月8日在 Hark Performing Studio 舉辦了《簡單生活》專輯發布會。

Ground Zero 放射空間, Together with Chris Tong 湯薇恩 and Yao Yao 瑶瑶 at Spring Wave Music Festival
(Image Credit: Steven Teo / The Red Planet Group LLP 红星球音乐)
Unlike the recent mainstream British-rock style that most Taiwanese bands were adopting, Ground Zero established their unique own style of music, of American-rock style.  The members grew up in the late grunge era and are deeply influenced by bands like Nirvana, Audioslave, Foo Fighters , Nickelback and Hoobastank.

有別於其他傾向英倫風的台灣樂團,“放射空間” 的風格實屬美式搖滾風。,“放射空間” 的團員們,深受 “涅槃樂隊”(Nirvana),“聲響奴隸”(Audioslave),  “噴火戰機樂團”(Foo Fighters),“五分錢合唱團”(Nickelback) 及“好把戲”(Hoobastank)等樂團所影響。

Ground Zero 放射空間 with their latest Album, "Simple Life" 《簡單生活》 and promotional merchandise
(Image Credit: Steven Teo / The Red Planet Group LLP 红星球音乐)

Ground Zero 放射空間

Ivan 杨沛寰 - 【Gutiarist/Vocalist/Post Production Engineer】 吉他手 / 和音 / 後製工程師

小欣 Shin 林欣逸  - 【Drummer/Percussionist】鼓手 / 敲擊樂手

Jason 连致陞 - 【Bassist/Synth】貝斯手  / 合成音效師
Ray 谢瑞翎 - 【Vocalist/Guitarist/Band Leader】主唱 / 吉他手 / 團長

Ground Zero 放射空間
Ground Zero 放射空間 with the audience / fans at Hark Performing Studio
(Image Credit: Steven Teo / The Red Planet Group LLP 红星球音乐)

Apart from the "Simple Life" Album Launch as part of their regional tour in Singapore, Ground Zero also held their Music Showcase at Hood Bar & Cafe in Bugis+ on the same day, 9pm.  Beside songs from their albums, they also sang a remixed cover version of Mayday's songs which is greatly loved by many!  The night showcase adds more touch of the rockers' spirit with the join in of drumming!

同日晚間9時,“放射空間”也在位於白沙浮娛樂廣場的 Hood Bar & Cafe舉行了一場音樂會,帶來多首專輯中的歌曲。他們也重新編唱了五月天的歌曲,獲得不錯的回響。晚間的表演,由於架子鼓代替了敲擊樂器,讓表演顯得更搖滾。“放射空間” 晚間的表演顯得更淋漓尽致,更凸顯了其中的搖滾精神!

Ground Zero 放射空間

小欣 Shin 林欣逸

Ray 谢瑞翎

Jason 连致陞
Ivan 杨沛寰

Ground Zero 放射空間

The group practically composed / written most of the songs in the album, and there are a couple of the songs that are highly recommended:《世界之罪》,《曹歌》,《寂寞瘋了》,《怎麼做才能快樂》,《簡單生活》, etc...  The theme song of the album --  "Simple Life" 《簡單生活》, composed by Ray & Ivan, with lyrics written by Ray, is real catchy.  The song serves us as a reminder that having kept busy for the whole life, we probably have lost the true meaning of living.  Sometimes, slowing our pace or getting away, leading a more simpler life might be a better / happier choice...

放射空間實屬實力創作型,他們幾乎包辦了大部分的詞曲創作。專輯裡頭有多首好歌,其中包括:《世界之罪》,《曹歌》,《寂寞瘋了》,《怎麼做才能快樂》,《簡單生活》,等等... 很喜歡其中由 Ray 谢瑞翎及 Ivan 杨沛寰作曲的,及 Ray 寫詞的主打歌,《簡單生活》。這首歌一直在腦海裡盤旋。更喜歌詞,非常有意思,提醒著我們,偶爾的放空,也是種享受...  

Theme Song 主打歌: Simple Life 《簡單生活》

If you would like to get hold a copy of "Simple Life" , you probably need to be a little more patient, the CDs will be hitting the stores soon... 


To view more photos of the Album Launch & Music Showcase 欲觀賞更多相關照片:
Ground Zero "Simple Life" Album Launch @ SG 放射空間 《簡單生活》專輯新加坡發布會
Ground Zero Music Showcase @ Singapore 放射空間新加坡音樂會

To keep posted of Ground Zero's latest events / songs  欲知 “放射空間” 最新動態 / 歌曲 :

Ground Zero band members' individual Facebook Page “放射空間” 各團員的面子書粉絲頁

Ray 谢瑞翎 - 【Vocalist/Guitarist/Band Leader】主唱 / 吉他手 / 團長

Ivan 杨沛寰  - 【Gutiarist/Vocalist/Post Production Engineer】 吉他手 / 和音 / 後製工程師

Jason 连致陞 - 【Bassist/Synthesizer player】貝斯手 / 合成音效師

小欣 Chris 林欣逸 - 【Drummer/Percussionist】鼓手 / 敲擊樂手

P/S: Look back to the space here for add on performing Videos.
[注] 遲些時候記得回訪,將會添加“放射空間”的表演視頻。

Last but not least, thanks The Red Planet Group LLP for the invite!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pledging For A Good Cause - #SIWWPledge

"Access to water isn't an end in itself. Access to water is access to education, access to work, access - above all -  to the kind of future we want for our own families, and all the members of our human family,"
                                                                                 --Matt Damon, co-founder of

In conjunction with the Singapore International Water Week 2014, SIWW and seven of its founding sponsors are raising money for through #SIWWPledge.
The Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) is the global platform to share and co-create innovative water solutions, and part of the strategic programme of the Singapore Government to grow the water industry and develop water technologies.

Do you know about one in nine people in the world lack access to clean water? Which is about 780 million people worldwide!!!

Co-founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, is a non-profit organisation that has transformed hundreds of communities in Africa, South Asia and Central America by providing access to safe water and sanitation. Matt Damon was awarded the World Economic Forum Crystal Award earlier this year for the organisation’s efforts to solve the global water crisis.

For every Like/Pledge made by online fans, #SIWWPledge sponsors will donate S$1 to
1 Like = 1 Pledge = S$1

Together with Typical Ben, a group of us will be helping to garner pledge for #SIWWPledge!
Come down to Bugis Junction Water Fountain this Sat 14/06 , 2pm - 5pm, to support my team - as my team members will be reaching out to garner pledges from the public for #SIWWPledge. Sadly, I am most likely unable to join the team for this Street Activation Campaign but please still show your support, look out for Typical Ben.

This movement was introduced as part of SIWW's goal to rally the global community towards finding innovative and sustainable technological and financial solutions to meet safe water and sanitation needs globally, first of its kind in the global water space.

You can also submit your very own selfies by logging on to

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hwee Seng Warehouse Sale 2014

Music Fans should not miss this!!!

Top Brand Headphones / Sound Systems / Accessories
up to 85% off!!!

Participarting brands include:
Beats by Dr. Dre
Sol Republic

All these happening at Hwee Seng Warehouse Sale 2014.

81 Genting Lane 02-02
Everich Industrial Building
Singapore 349566

13-15 June 2014, 11am - 7pm


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Art Loft: Online Asian Art Platform for Buying and Renting Art

Do you ever find it intimidating when the sales assistant approach you & tag closely to you, the moment you stepped into an art gallery?  You probably chance upon that one or two pieces of art that you find interesting and would love to find out more.  But the pressure to buy that art pieces probably puts you off and makes you decided to step out of the art gallery the next second after the sales assistance approach you.

I'm one who is often put off by the pressure to buy, so I will step out of the art gallery the moment the sales assistance tag closely beside me.

However, with the launch of Art Loft, a Singapore based art gallery with an online Asian Art platform supporting emerging contemporary artists from the region.  you are now spare with such peer pressure and can shop at your pace, having all the time to scrutinise the art piece that you are interested. Official Website

There is paradigm shift on how people buy art - traditionally sold offline through exhibitions and fairs, art works are now sold online. The Internet has revolutionized the way people experience and interact with art, and is reshaping and transforming the art business.  Today, 64% of established art collectors are buying online based on a digital image, according to a study conducted by Hiscox.

ART LOFT is established by three young ladies: Tian Qiuyan, Chief Executive whom has had extensive experience running an e-commerce start-up for the last three years.  Chief Curator,  Michelle Chan, who comes from a background of design and art gallery experience, giving her the eye for curating the gems found on Art Loft. Alexandra Eu, Marketing & Creative Director, an avid art enthusiast from a family of collectors.  The ART LOFT hopes to bring Asian art into every home and bridge the gap between art and the online space.

A curated platform, features the contemporary art works of emerging Asian artists and gives you preferential and direct access to their diverse collections. It facilitates international appreciation, coupled with the buying and renting of Asian contemporary art.

ART LOFT’s presence spans both online and physical spaces, allows you to discover, appreciate and invest in the works of undiscovered promising Asian artists.

The rental concept is relatively new in the region and ART LOFT has garnered good feedback and interest. It allows users to take their time and live with a piece of art to decide how convicted they are about the work in the context of where it will be displayed. The best part is, you can always return the piece and replace it with another which you feel might be more suited to your space.  Rental can go as low as $20 per month!

Click on "Rentable" for the list of art works that are rentable.

Move the cursor to the art work that you are interested to see a short intro about the art piece

Move your cursor around the picture to zoom in to view a specific area.
Selling price / Rental charges / Artist's details are available too!

I've attended ART LOFT's opening sometime back and fall in love with the exhibition space.  It is tuck in the shop houses off Joo Chiat Road, it may be a little inconvenient for those no driving but this is definitely not a reason for not visiting the art space!

The red metal screening by South Korea Artist, Shin-Young Park, is actually one of my favourite artwork!

More Art work by Shin-Young Park

These are way too cute, aren't them? Masterpieces of Leo Liu Xuanqi. 

Art is everywhere, even simple cooking pans can be part of your art installation!

Love this cozy corner, though some of the pictures by Allison Marie Low made one feels creepy
Caren was telling me that she overhead someone questioning, if the artist is a happy person. and Allison actually dropped by my instagram post and answered to her queries.  She replied that she is a very happy person, exploring the human condition!  she also shared that it is the happiness that gives her the freedom to venture into the dark and learn from it, instead of being afraid!

This series of art pieces by Tan Zi Xi (Messy Msxi) clearly captivates my heart.

Love the use of vibrant colours in the painting by Singapore Artist Stefanie Hauger who won the
2013 UOB Southeast Asian Painting of the Year Award

I love how they set up the art works around the shop house unit, it makes one feel at home and had a chance to imagine and feel how these art work will look like, in the different corners of the house.  As mentioned earlier, if you are not confident how the art piece will fit your home, you can just rent it and decide later whether to buy it for your house decoration.

22 Crane Road
(Off Joo Chiat Road)
Nearest MRT Station: Paya Lebar

P/S: Sorry for the low resolution photos as my camera went dead on me, so all above photos taken with iPhone 4s only.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

[Movie Review] Maleficent

Told from a different perspective, by the Princess Aurora's evil nemesis, Maleficent.  This fairytale thriller explores root of evilness of the evil fairy Maleficent and what drove her to curse the innocent Princess Aurora in Disney's animated classic "Sleeping Beauty".  While desperately searching for acceptance and desires to be the mistress of all fairies, will darkness prevail as Maleficent she chooses her path to superiority?

Robert Stromberg

Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Juno Temple, Sharlto Copley, Sam Riley, Vivienne

Prior to watching the movie, I was warned that this movie isn't any fantastic, that I shouldn't pin much hope for this twisted version of "Sleeping Beauty". The Maleficent is in no way, the whimsical type of Disney Movie.  No doubt, the ending is sort of predictable with a happy ending, however, they give a different interpretation of "TRUE LOVE", apart from usual Disney fantasies, where the prince / princess found their true love and live happily after. 

Angelina Jolie, the Maleficent

Young Innocent Princess Aurora (Vivienne) clearly melts the heart of Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) .

Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning)

Most often, people tend to relate true love to BGR (Boy Girl Relationship) only, but rather, this movie is re-defining TRUE LOVE as the love of a mother towards their child, or rather a parent's love towards their kids. I love the CGI of the movie, clearly not overdoing.  Angelina Jolie truly holds for Maleficent, I cannot imagine anyone else more suitable for the character.

One highlight of the movie, is probably the participation of Angelina Jolie's daughter, Vivienne, as the young Princess Aurora. Vivienne is so sweet and innocent, definitely melts the hearts of many.  Though I would not say it is a MUST WATCH movie, but this movie is certainly worth your time.  I will recommend you to watch the movie and judge for yourself, whether it is worth your ticket fare. Do share your thoughts should you had watched Maleficent.  

P/S: It was said that after Maleficent, 38-year -old Angelina Jolie will be acting in the anticipated 'Cleopatra' Role, which, she hinted a possible retirement from the front stage after Cleopatra. So,  Maleficent could possibly be her 2nd last movie.