Ground Zero 放射空間 "Simple Life" 《簡單生活》 Album Launch And Music Showcase

Attended Ground Zero's "Simple Life" Album Launch Showcase at Hark Performing Studio, on Sunday, 8 June 2014.  The Taiwanese Indie band, founded in year 2010, with rising popularity in the region, was invited, alongside with the "Queen of Drama Theme Songs", Chriz Tong, a Singapore singer, to do the opening for this year's Spring Wave Music Festival in Singapore on 7 June 2014.

成立於2010年的台灣獨立團體 -- “放射空間” 於近日到新加坡,與本地電視劇唱女王, 湯薇恩,為6月7日春浪新加坡演唱會開幕演唱。他們也借此行於6月8日在 Hark Performing Studio 舉辦了《簡單生活》專輯發布會。

Ground Zero 放射空間, Together with Chris Tong 湯薇恩 and Yao Yao 瑶瑶 at Spring Wave Music Festival
(Image Credit: Steven Teo / The Red Planet Group LLP 红星球音乐)
Unlike the recent mainstream British-rock style that most Taiwanese bands were adopting, Ground Zero established their unique own style of music, of American-rock style.  The members grew up in the late grunge era and are deeply influenced by bands like Nirvana, Audioslave, Foo Fighters , Nickelback and Hoobastank.

有別於其他傾向英倫風的台灣樂團,“放射空間” 的風格實屬美式搖滾風。,“放射空間” 的團員們,深受 “涅槃樂隊”(Nirvana),“聲響奴隸”(Audioslave),  “噴火戰機樂團”(Foo Fighters),“五分錢合唱團”(Nickelback) 及“好把戲”(Hoobastank)等樂團所影響。

Ground Zero 放射空間 with their latest Album, "Simple Life" 《簡單生活》 and promotional merchandise
(Image Credit: Steven Teo / The Red Planet Group LLP 红星球音乐)

Ground Zero 放射空間

Ivan 杨沛寰 - 【Gutiarist/Vocalist/Post Production Engineer】 吉他手 / 和音 / 後製工程師

小欣 Shin 林欣逸  - 【Drummer/Percussionist】鼓手 / 敲擊樂手

Jason 连致陞 - 【Bassist/Synth】貝斯手  / 合成音效師
Ray 谢瑞翎 - 【Vocalist/Guitarist/Band Leader】主唱 / 吉他手 / 團長

Ground Zero 放射空間
Ground Zero 放射空間 with the audience / fans at Hark Performing Studio
(Image Credit: Steven Teo / The Red Planet Group LLP 红星球音乐)

Apart from the "Simple Life" Album Launch as part of their regional tour in Singapore, Ground Zero also held their Music Showcase at Hood Bar & Cafe in Bugis+ on the same day, 9pm.  Beside songs from their albums, they also sang a remixed cover version of Mayday's songs which is greatly loved by many!  The night showcase adds more touch of the rockers' spirit with the join in of drumming!

同日晚間9時,“放射空間”也在位於白沙浮娛樂廣場的 Hood Bar & Cafe舉行了一場音樂會,帶來多首專輯中的歌曲。他們也重新編唱了五月天的歌曲,獲得不錯的回響。晚間的表演,由於架子鼓代替了敲擊樂器,讓表演顯得更搖滾。“放射空間” 晚間的表演顯得更淋漓尽致,更凸顯了其中的搖滾精神!

Ground Zero 放射空間

小欣 Shin 林欣逸

Ray 谢瑞翎

Jason 连致陞
Ivan 杨沛寰

Ground Zero 放射空間

The group practically composed / written most of the songs in the album, and there are a couple of the songs that are highly recommended:《世界之罪》,《曹歌》,《寂寞瘋了》,《怎麼做才能快樂》,《簡單生活》, etc...  The theme song of the album --  "Simple Life" 《簡單生活》, composed by Ray & Ivan, with lyrics written by Ray, is real catchy.  The song serves us as a reminder that having kept busy for the whole life, we probably have lost the true meaning of living.  Sometimes, slowing our pace or getting away, leading a more simpler life might be a better / happier choice...

放射空間實屬實力創作型,他們幾乎包辦了大部分的詞曲創作。專輯裡頭有多首好歌,其中包括:《世界之罪》,《曹歌》,《寂寞瘋了》,《怎麼做才能快樂》,《簡單生活》,等等... 很喜歡其中由 Ray 谢瑞翎及 Ivan 杨沛寰作曲的,及 Ray 寫詞的主打歌,《簡單生活》。這首歌一直在腦海裡盤旋。更喜歌詞,非常有意思,提醒著我們,偶爾的放空,也是種享受...  

Theme Song 主打歌: Simple Life 《簡單生活》

If you would like to get hold a copy of "Simple Life" , you probably need to be a little more patient, the CDs will be hitting the stores soon... 


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To keep posted of Ground Zero's latest events / songs  欲知 “放射空間” 最新動態 / 歌曲 :

Ground Zero band members' individual Facebook Page “放射空間” 各團員的面子書粉絲頁

Ray 谢瑞翎 - 【Vocalist/Guitarist/Band Leader】主唱 / 吉他手 / 團長

Ivan 杨沛寰  - 【Gutiarist/Vocalist/Post Production Engineer】 吉他手 / 和音 / 後製工程師

Jason 连致陞 - 【Bassist/Synthesizer player】貝斯手 / 合成音效師

小欣 Chris 林欣逸 - 【Drummer/Percussionist】鼓手 / 敲擊樂手

P/S: Look back to the space here for add on performing Videos.
[注] 遲些時候記得回訪,將會添加“放射空間”的表演視頻。

Last but not least, thanks The Red Planet Group LLP for the invite!


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