Monday, June 23, 2014

Going for All Organic and Natural (AO&N)?

Received a care package from All Organic & Natural (AO&N) through TIN recently.  The AO&N distributed and marketed brands as Bio+Green Crystals, Bio Shield, Choice Organic Tea and Little Innoscents.  I thought the name "All Organic & Natural" is pretty catchy since people are moving towards organic and natural products, this certainly leaves an impression.

The original care package is supposed to come with the "Choice Organic Teas", but due to some logistic arrangement, I have yet lay my hand on these. But looking at the tea list, I am already looking forward to try them as they seem to cater to my needs, especially since I have been sleeping too little and need much focus and concentration during work.  Will do a separate review after I tried the teas.

Bio+Green Crystals is an organic cleaning detergent that uses revolutionary new Crystal compounds in water-soluble pouches containing pre-measured amounts of chemicals. Just drop the sachet into the spray bottle and fill with 1 litre of water, mixed with warm water.  Shake to dissolve the sachet, there's no need to cut the sachet open. Magical, isn't it???  This is so easy & convenient, saves you storage space of multiple packs of different re-fills, and most importantly, the bio-degradable sachet is so environmental friendly!

Bio+Green Crystal
1 x All Purpose Cleaner (SRP: $11.45)
1 x Toy Cleaner (SRP: $14.77)
1 x Fruits & Veggie Wash (SRP: $11.45)
1 x Bathroom Cleaner (SRP: $11.45)

Bio Shield are of organic and natural, protectant sprays, designed to maintain and enhance the skin’s immune functions and shield your skins from bacteria, etc.  You can conveniently protect your skin just with a few sprays!!!

1 x BioShield U! (SRP: $23.30)
1 x BioShield Kiddy (SRP: $23.30)
1 x BioShield HandSan (SRP: $12.80)
1 x BioShield Healthy Feet (SRP: $21.00)

Little Innoscents are Australian made baby skincare products, using 100% natural, pure and organic ingredients which are completely free from toxic chemicals, Parabens and all other little hidden nasties.

Little Innoscents
1 x Travel Pack ( SRP: $24.90)
Hair & Body Wash,
Intensive Soothing Cream,
Moisture Rich Body Lotion,
Winter Blues Vapour Balm
1 x Sun Lotion ( SRP: $21.30)
1 x Goat Milk Soap Bar (SRP: $8.30)
1 x Mineral Powder (SRP: $11.60)

Among the items, I have tried on the Little Innoscents Sun Lotion.  Yes, no doubt it is meant for kids, but as my skin can be quite sensitive at times, this will be great to apply on the delicate face.  I love that the tube of sun lotion comes with an aluminium foil seal so as to prevent the product from getting oxidized before usage. 

When I squeezed the sun lotion out from the tube, I was a bit hesitant to use it upon seeing its thick and pasty texture.  I'm sort of worried that my face will get oily after application.  However, one should not be too fast to pass judgement. It took a while for the sun lotion to blend in, but surprisingly, my face remains fresh and clean after apply.  In fact, my face remained oil-free yet retaining the moisture through out the whole day.  I'm rather impressed and happy with its performance.

In additional, I tried on the Little Innoscents mineral powder, which is talc free and 100% naturally pure, and best of all, it is eczema friendly. Not known to many, I actually had slight eczema problem.  Loved the scent of organic peppermint and lavender essential oils, very refreshing and soothing.

Rough in the texture, the Australia White Clay of the mineral powder helps to provide a high level of natural absorption and protects one from skin irritations.  It does helps me to sooth my skin area which is irritated by eczema.

Will be sharing more reviews after using the other items in the AO&N care package, do check out the space again :)
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