Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Art Loft: Online Asian Art Platform for Buying and Renting Art

Do you ever find it intimidating when the sales assistant approach you & tag closely to you, the moment you stepped into an art gallery?  You probably chance upon that one or two pieces of art that you find interesting and would love to find out more.  But the pressure to buy that art pieces probably puts you off and makes you decided to step out of the art gallery the next second after the sales assistance approach you.

I'm one who is often put off by the pressure to buy, so I will step out of the art gallery the moment the sales assistance tag closely beside me.

However, with the launch of Art Loft, a Singapore based art gallery with an online Asian Art platform supporting emerging contemporary artists from the region.  you are now spare with such peer pressure and can shop at your pace, having all the time to scrutinise the art piece that you are interested.

ArtLoft.co Official Website

There is paradigm shift on how people buy art - traditionally sold offline through exhibitions and fairs, art works are now sold online. The Internet has revolutionized the way people experience and interact with art, and is reshaping and transforming the art business.  Today, 64% of established art collectors are buying online based on a digital image, according to a study conducted by Hiscox.

ART LOFT is established by three young ladies: Tian Qiuyan, Chief Executive whom has had extensive experience running an e-commerce start-up for the last three years.  Chief Curator,  Michelle Chan, who comes from a background of design and art gallery experience, giving her the eye for curating the gems found on Art Loft. Alexandra Eu, Marketing & Creative Director, an avid art enthusiast from a family of collectors.  The ART LOFT hopes to bring Asian art into every home and bridge the gap between art and the online space.

A curated platform, ArtLoft.co features the contemporary art works of emerging Asian artists and gives you preferential and direct access to their diverse collections. It facilitates international appreciation, coupled with the buying and renting of Asian contemporary art.

ART LOFT’s presence spans both online and physical spaces, allows you to discover, appreciate and invest in the works of undiscovered promising Asian artists.

The rental concept is relatively new in the region and ART LOFT has garnered good feedback and interest. It allows users to take their time and live with a piece of art to decide how convicted they are about the work in the context of where it will be displayed. The best part is, you can always return the piece and replace it with another which you feel might be more suited to your space.  Rental can go as low as $20 per month!

Click on "Rentable" for the list of art works that are rentable.

Move the cursor to the art work that you are interested to see a short intro about the art piece

Move your cursor around the picture to zoom in to view a specific area.
Selling price / Rental charges / Artist's details are available too!

I've attended ART LOFT's opening sometime back and fall in love with the exhibition space.  It is tuck in the shop houses off Joo Chiat Road, it may be a little inconvenient for those no driving but this is definitely not a reason for not visiting the art space!

The red metal screening by South Korea Artist, Shin-Young Park, is actually one of my favourite artwork!

More Art work by Shin-Young Park

These are way too cute, aren't them? Masterpieces of Leo Liu Xuanqi. 

Art is everywhere, even simple cooking pans can be part of your art installation!

Love this cozy corner, though some of the pictures by Allison Marie Low made one feels creepy
Caren was telling me that she overhead someone questioning, if the artist is a happy person. and Allison actually dropped by my instagram post and answered to her queries.  She replied that she is a very happy person, exploring the human condition!  she also shared that it is the happiness that gives her the freedom to venture into the dark and learn from it, instead of being afraid!

This series of art pieces by Tan Zi Xi (Messy Msxi) clearly captivates my heart.

Love the use of vibrant colours in the painting by Singapore Artist Stefanie Hauger who won the
2013 UOB Southeast Asian Painting of the Year Award

I love how they set up the art works around the shop house unit, it makes one feel at home and had a chance to imagine and feel how these art work will look like, in the different corners of the house.  As mentioned earlier, if you are not confident how the art piece will fit your home, you can just rent it and decide later whether to buy it for your house decoration.

22 Crane Road
(Off Joo Chiat Road)
Nearest MRT Station: Paya Lebar
Email: info@artloft.co

P/S: Sorry for the low resolution photos as my camera went dead on me, so all above photos taken with iPhone 4s only.

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