Monday, May 27, 2013

Song of the Day: Kiss The Rain by Yiruma

Today, I would like to introduce you a Pianist, a Korean pianist that had been studying music in England.  It is by chance that I get to listen his music through a Virtual Photography friend, Tangerine's previous blog (橘子 の 城堡).  After checking with Tangerine, then I get to know to know that the melody was played by Yiruma 이루마 (李闰珉).  I was totally in love with the melody as it matches the storyboard of his photo album perfectly!

Melody: Kiss The Rain 雨的印记

There was a period that I was totally in distraught that I almost slept through my tears with this song every night.  This may sound real bad, however, for me, crying is a good way to distress... I'm someone who is very sentimental and tears very easily.  Weak as "crying baby" as I may seem, but I'm actually tougher than most people can imagine.  I simply love this tune, I can feel the rain dripping along as my heart sinks and melts...  And if you were to listen to this tune on a rainy day, all the more you will feel for it.

Other then Kiss The Rain, Yiruma had other very nice tune too and also very internationally well known, e.g. River Flows in You《你的心河》 and Moonlight 《月光边境》 Quite a nos of his piano melodies pieces are actually being used in film scores and drama serial OST.

Melody: River Flows in You 《你的心河》

Melody: Moonlight 《月光边境》

Just some months back, Yiruma has released his 7th album "Stay in Memory" and the below is one of my favourite.  Do check it out...

Melody: The Days That'll Never Come

The reason why I love Yiruma's melodies is because, they are very soothing, not too heavy for me. Love listening to them during late nights and when I'm down on mood, they help to calm me down...  Although most of his tunes may sound melancholic, but they just seems to have the magical power to touch my heart and heal my soul... 

Frankly speaking, if you were to ask me, which Korean Artiste do I wish to see them live, it will be non other than Yiruma. 
If you are now feeling down, why not try listening to Yiruma's music?  Otherwise, these will be soothing music to your ears during late nights...

Check out Yiruma's Vevo Channel here.

[10/Feb/2014] Realised these few days, there have been many checking out this post, for the benefit of those who are not aware that Yiruma going to hold his first ever concert in Singapore, check here for the concert details!


  1. Hi! Just happen to come across your site so I'd thought u might like to know that Yiruma will be coming to Singapore for a concert on 5th April.

    This is his first concert in Singapore, and for one night only!

    More information can be found here:

    1. Hi, Thanks! I'm aware of his concert, in fact, I've shared about it on my blog just yesterday :)