Sunday, May 11, 2008

Be Kind to Myself...

I decided to be kinder to myself... It has been stressful with E out of office, for the month for her exam leave; work has been piling up, and concidentally, I have many deadlines to meet for my challenges and swap program; I wanted to do some housekeeping, getting ready for the Scrapbooking stash sale in coming June. 24hrs are barely enough for me to complete my on hand tasks. Have been sleeping at extremely late hours for the past 2 weeks, and for once, I decided to be kinder to myself.

I've allowed myself to sleep till 11am on Sat, am supposed to go out in the afternoon, however, was really tired and feeling sick, stayed home and accompany mama to watch DVD. And this weekend, I deicided to drop my idea to log in to the ERP system to clear my backlog so that I'll be less stressful with work piling up on Monday, though I still log in to the webmail to clear some emails. The fact is, if I were to continue to log in to ERP to clear my backlog, it will soon be an excuse / habit for me to log in more often. So, I wanna minimise logging in unless work is really over piling!

Spent some time to do a bit of housekeeping, tagging prices on the stuff, preparing for the stash sale, and made a few uncompleted cards, to be completed by next week. Have been feeling laid off & things are much behind schedule. I guess, it's time to work on a time plan to get myself more organised, so that things will be more on schedule.

Tonight, I'll be kinder to myself to rest earlier so that I can have the energy to face the challenges on tomorrow.

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