[K-Drama Review] MOUSE 마우스

MOUSE 마우스 

Actually I have watched this K-Drama series in 2021, and did a review on my Facebook account previously.  I thought of sharing it here again so that when people is trying to search online, they are able to read my heartfelt review.

For people who love watching suspense / thriller show, I would highly recommend them to catch the  "MOUSE" 마우스 (20 episodes).  The drama series is about tracking down of a psychopathic serial killer.

If you are looking for pure entertainment to relaxing, this is definitely not the drama for you.  Reason being, this drama will likely make you think deep, about the connection of the various characters which somewhat seem related to the serial killer, and who could be the ACTUAL Killer? It will surely squeeze the brain juice out of you and kill a couple of your brain cells! 🤣

The drama covers the dark side of society and had some bloody and brutal scenes, so parental guidance is definitely recommended for the younger kids.  One interesting topic that it touches, was, whether by conducting a psychopath DNA test, someone that is likely a serial killer can be identify before they actually commit any crimes.

Some have felt that the first few episodes looks promising but went down hill after that... I don't deny that in the interim, some parts got too draggy.  Keep your eyes on ep. 9-10, 13-14 and 16-17, where some plot twist are likely to surface, should I do not remember wrongly.  The several plot twists could  be confusing initially but as they unravel more towards the end... it can be mind blowing for some.

Really wanna give thumbs up 👍 to the script writer who came up with such an awesome plot. Enjoyed cracking my head, figuring out what had actually happened...  I came so near to getting the psychopathic serial killer but never did I expect, there is still one more plot twist till the end of the drama.  I believed that some of my brain cells died during the process but probably it is a good chance to renew my brain cells, haha... 😜

Actor / Actress                  Cast Name
Lee Seung-Gi                     Jung Ba-Reum
Lee Hee-Jun                       Go Mu-Chi
Park Ju-Hyun                     Oh Bong-Yi
Kyung Soo-Jin                   Choi Hong-Ju
Kim Young-Ok                  Bong-Yi's grandmother  
Ahn Jae-Wook                   Han Seo-Joon
Kim Jung-Nan                   Sung Ji-Eun
Kwon Hwa-Woon             Sung Yo-Han
Jo Jae-Yun                         Daniel Lee


Imagine Credit: Mouse 마우스 FB Page


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