[Food Review] Halal Sedap Wok at Cantine by Kopitiam, Causeway Point

Sedap Wok, a halal food stall that serves a variety of Indonesian, Western, and Asian homecooked-style halal BBQ and tze char dishes, previously located in JEM is now moved to Cantine by Kopitiam at Causeway Point.
We had tried a variety of dishes:

 Sedap Wok at Cantine by Kopitiam, Causeway Point

Seafood Shell Out in 100% Salted Egg Sauce (serves 2-3pax) **
The pot of Seafood Shall Out consists of generous servings of crab, prawn, sotong, mussel, lala, sausage, potato/corn (seafood type may be replaced if in shortage).  You can choose your Seafood Shall Out with different choices of sauce: 100% Salted Egg / Fresh Sambal / Black Pepper / Chili Crab. The Salted Egg Sauce is thick and creamy, very yummy and shiok.  However, I feel that the sauce can be a bit more watery so that it won't be so thick and makes one feel surfeit so easily.
Seafood Shell Out in 100% Salted Egg Sauce

Signature Seafood Platter (serves 2-3pax)
The Seafood Platter is one of their signature platter which caught many eyeballs.  Beautifully plated with Lala, Prawns, Sotong, Mussel, Sausages, fish fillet, Mango salad, and sambal fried rice. With so many variety, there bound to have something nice for each and everyone.
Signature Seafood Platter

Chilli Mango Salad Seabass **
Having tried both Chilli Mango Salad Seabass and their Signature Sweet & Sour Fish before, I would say that both are nice with a crispy outer. However, I'll prefer the former as the Thai Sweet Chilli and the mango salad provides a more balance of tangy sweet taste with a hint of spiciness, witth the Sweet & Sour Fish is slightly too sweet for my palate, I prefer it to be more sourish.
Chilli Mango Salad Seabass

Cashew Nut Chicken **
The Cashew Nut Chiken, when first saw the dish name, I have imagined it to be stirred fried chicken chunks, but turned out that, they are light battered and dip fried chicken chunks, stirred fried with cashew nuts.  The dish is pretty delectable and addictive that I can’t help popping one piece after another into my mouth.
Cashew Nut Chicken

Thai Garlic Kailan **
The Thai Garlic Kailan is pretty well executed, sauce is well absorbed in, resulting the dish very flavourful.  It's great to be on table with other meaty and seafood dishes for a more balance diet.
Thai Garlic Kailan

Seafood Phad Thai
The Phad Thai with prawns, tofu, eggs and vegetables is with no hit or miss.
Seafood Phad Thai

Malay Satay Chicken (10pcs)
The chicken satay that appears pale on the appearance, surprisingly, tasted not bad with the marination.  But I will still prefer my satays slightly more charred.
Malay Chicken Satay

Mango Sticky Rice
The sticky rice topped with thick coconut cream and perfectly ripped sweet mango, served with some extra coconut cream on top. One of the topical dessert that I missed most from the smiling land,
Mango Sticky Rice

**Personal Favourite
📍Sedap Wok @ Causeway Point⁣
1 Woodlands Square #07-03⁣
 Cantine by Kopitiam Stall 9⁣
Singapore 738099⁣
🕚 Mon – Sun 11am - 9.30pm⁣
📞 9830 0033


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