5 Gorgeous Mooncakes Box Set Great for Gifting this Mid-Autumn 2018

It's the time of the year again when everyone gets busy shopping for mooncakes.  Here are 5 gorgeous Mooncakes boxes that you feel like owning one!  Do share with me which other mooncake boxes that you personally find it nice....

Crystal Jade Restaurant

Riding high on the success and popularity of last year’s Mickey and Minnie snow skin series, this year Crystal Jade presents the Mickey and Friends Musical Carousel Collection ($88 per box of 8).

(Source: Crystal Jade)
Within exquisitely-crafted limited-edition Disney musical carousel mooncake box, is a tea-party-ready two-tier dessert tray, with eight petite gems in two delicious flavours.
- Pandan Lotus with gula Melaka, 椰糖班兰莲蓉, a harmonious blend of two quintessential South-east Asian ingredients.
- Chocolate Manuka honey 巧克力麦卢卡蜂蜜, where the intense and rich taste of premium Manuka honey marries the quality milk chocolate.

The dessert tray can be reused as an elegant table centrepiece after the mooncakes have been consumed!

Starbucks Coffee

This Mid-Autumn Festival, the Starbucks mooncakes set are packaged in a magical, galaxy-inspired box, with a gorgeous Starbucks LED Moon Lantern and a set of treat vouchers at $49.90.

Starbucks Mooncakes box set comes in 2 collections:
Assorted Mooncake Box - contains two of each flavor: Coffee with Walnut  , Green Tea with Red Bean, White Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk mooncakes. (Box of 6)
Custard Mooncake Box  - contains six custard mooncakes, where the creamy golden custard filling is encased within a golden buttery crust. (Box of 6)

Enjoy a 15% discount for purchases of two Mooncakes Boxes and more, when you pay with your Starbucks Card.

Shang Palace | Shangri-la Singapore

Shang Palace of Shangri-la Singapore packed their mooncakes in beatutifully handcrafted royal red and champagne gold boxes. Aside from this, most of the baked mooncake flavors this year come in a reduced sugar version, making it a more guilt-free snack this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Prices: From S$72 to S$118 per box

Shang Palace Four Treasures (Double Yolk , Single Yolk, Plain, Mixed Nuts); Baked - $78 (Box of 4)
Reduced Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk; Baked - $84 (Box of 4)
Shang Palace Mini Eight Treasures (Chocolate, Salted Taro) ; Baked - $88 (Box of 8)
Shangri La’s Signature Mini Baked Custard with Bird’s Nest; Baked - $118 (Box of 8)

Hua Ting Restaurant | Millennium Hotels

The mooncakes are elegantly encased in gift boxes sporting a contemporary turquoise hue and adorned with tasteful touches of chinoiserie motifs. The boxes are available in Deluxe or Premium designs, where the former can be reused as a gorgeous storage for one’s knick-knack and the latter, a limited-edition piece enhanced with special features of LED lights and a Bluetooth speaker, doubling up as a bedside lamp.

Apart from the much-anticipated return of two artisanal mini snowskin favourites - Blueberry with Vintage Hua Diao Wine 陈年花雕蓝莓迷你冰皮月饼and White Lotus Paste with Champagne Ganache 白莲蓉香槟迷你冰皮月饼; the Mini Fruity Noon Tea 水果茶香迷你冰皮月饼 featuring a refreshing green apple filling and a white chocolate core infused with Hua Ting’s premium floral tea blend and the Mini Salted Egg Custard 奶黄咸蛋迷你冰皮月饼 of  a rich and velvety custard paste studded with a savoury salted egg, are newly added handcrafted snowskin gems.

Those who are mindful of their health will delight in Hua Ting’s low-sugar classics including White Lotus Paste低糖白莲蓉, White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk and Macadamia Nuts低糖单黄夏果白莲蓉, White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk and Macadamia Nuts低糖双黄夏果白莲蓉, as well as their signature Seeds of Harmony (Assorted Nuts) 招牌五仁 and Red Bean Paste with Melon Seeds 豆沙瓜子.

(Source:Millennium Hotels)

Hua Ting Tradtional Treasures Gift Box – White Lotus Past (Low Sugar), White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk & Macadamia Nuts, White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk & Macadamia Nuts, Seeds of Harmony; Baked  – Deluxe $73 / Premium $98 (Box of 4)

Hua Ting Mini Snowskin Treasures Gift Box – Fruity Noon Tea (NEW), Salted Egg Custard (NEW), Blueberry with Vintage Hua Diao Wine, White Lotus with Champagne Ganache - $69 (Box of 8)

Marina Bay Sands

The mooncakes are encased within an elegant pink tote,  laced with luxurious purple velvet lining, and held together with a golden clasp. The multifunctional design, which opens up to reveal a box of delights, also doubles up as a chic hand-carry gift to the loved ones.  

Aside to the classic Single Yolk White Lotus Paste traditional mooncake, there is also the debut of the reduced-sugar Multigrain and the Pu Erh Tea mooncakes that suits the more health-conscious. For fans of the snow skin mooncake, the fizzy Strawberry Yoghurt Champagne mooncake is a bubbly spin on the usual treat and the Japanese Sweet Potato features the Okinawa Sweet Potato.

(Souce: Marina Bay Sands)

(Souce: Marina Bay Sands)
  • Traditional Mooncakes - Single Yolk White Lotus Paste, Multigrain (low in sugar, no lard), Green Bean Paste, Pu Erh Tea Paste; Baked - $78 (Box of 4)
  • Snowskin Mooncakes - contains two of each flavor: Strawberry Yoghurt Champagne , Salted Caramel, Passion Mango Yogurt, Japanese Sweet Potato - $78 (Box of 8)


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