Bober Tea - Latest Artisan Tea in Town!

The latest Artisan Tea outlet - Bober Tea, is now in Town!  It is conveniently located beside Bishan MRT Exit C.

Bober Tea Shop Front

The Bober Tea is focused in providing affordable yet high-quality artisan tea.  Aside from taste, the wellness of its patronizers is just as important to Bober Tea, therefore, they offers homemade bobas instead of those processed bobas from factories, as well as, other premium ingredients.

The Bober Tea has various series to cater to each individual's palate - Bober Special, Creative Series, Milk Tea, Latte Series, Fruit Tea Series and the Milk Cap Series.  Looking through the menu,  I have a hard time selecting from the menu. Eventually I decided to pick one from each selection!

6 Bober Tea Selection

1. Milk Cap Series - Hokkaido Milk Cap Mango (500ml) $5.90 + Black Pearls $0.50 
Love the creamy milk cap that is blended with true blue Hokkaido Milk which is a perfect match with the mango with subtle sweetness.  The black pearls stands out, as unlike other stalls, it is not the usual sugary taste, but with a aromatic taste and bouncy texture.
Hokkaido Milk Cap Mango + Black Pearls

2. Bober Special - Ruby Grapefruit Green Tea with Boba Pop (500ml) $5.50
Grapefruit is an awesome fruit with lots of fibre and Vitamin C is a great combination with the green tea which contains loads of antioxidants. Both my mom and I enjoy biting on the homemade bobas.
Ruby Grapefruit Green Tea with Boba Pop

3. Milk Tea - Hazelnut Milk Tea (500ml) $5.50 + Brown Sugar Pearls $0.50
The Hazelnut Milk Tea appears to be slightly bland for me, probably due to I have  requested for 50% sugar level only given that I'm more conscious with my sugar intake nowadays.  I'm expecting the brown sugar pearls would add in some sweetness, but surprising, they aren't, there is just subtle brown sugar taste only.
Hazelnut Milk Tea + Brown Sugar Pearls
4. Latte Series - Matcha Strawberry Latte $4.90
I was pretty shocked that pure Matcha Powder is used for the blend with Meiji Strawberry flavoured milk. While I can't really taste the latte, the Matcha Strawberry Latte is still a very nice combination for both the eyes and taste bud.

Matcha Strawberry Latte
5. Creative Series - 3 Hei Milk Tea (500ml) $4.30
I love the 3 Hei Milk Tea which consists of Hantian, Black Konjac, Grass Jelly.  Love the bouncy texture of these toppings. My Cup of 3 Hei Milk Tea seems to have shaken so it is 1 tone.  You can refer to my sister's cup before shaking which is so much beautiful with the tones.
3 Hei Milk Tea
6. Fruit Tea Series - Supreme Fruit Burst Green Tea (1000ml) $7.20
For a healthier tea, you can go for Supreme Fruit Burst Tea with different fruits in a cup.  You can go for either the Green or Red Tea option.

Among the teas that I've selected, a nos. are of fixed sugar level, which I can't help worrying during making my order as my experience is that most of the fixed sugar level teas tends to be quite sweet, however, I find the sweetness are of moderate and I would definitely recommend one to try out the teas!

Oh yes, something worth a mention, is the cutesy take-away carton box which my niece enjoyed playing with it!

Cute Bober Tea Tske-Away carton box

Bober Tea
200 Bishan Road #01-01,
Singapore 579827 (Bishan MRT Exit C)
Opening hours: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm (Mon - Sun)
Facebook page:


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