Eat like a Champion: DBS Marina Regatta 2018 x Mahota Healthy Cooking Workshop With Joseph Schooling's Mother

To kickstart the DBS Marina Regatta 2018, DBS Singapore will be holding a series of workshops and activities.

In collaboration with Mahota, DBS has hosted a healthy cooking workshop featuring Chef Benson (Mahota's R&D chef), as well as May Schooling (mother of Singapore’s only Olympic Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling). 

The "Eat like a Champion: DBS Marina Regatta 2018 x Mahota Healthy Cooking Workshop", held at Mohata Commune - M Pantry at Kitchener Complex, is part of the "Road to Regatta" Campaigns!
Mahota Commune at Kitchener Complex

M Pantry in Mahota Commune at Kitchener Road

During the workshop, Joseph Schooling's Mom - May Schooling, demonstrated on prepared healthy fruit smoothie to provide him all the energy and proteins that he needed before his training.  She also shared that banana is a great source for fibre and potassium which helps regulate heartbeat. She then demonstrated the making of Joseph Schooling's favourite cheese toast with butter, cheddar cheese slice and grated Parmesan cheese.  If a stretchy cheese pull effect is desired, mozzarella cheese is highly recommended.

May Schooling Sharing the benefits of fruit smoothie

May Schooling making cheese toast

Next, Chef Benson share his rendition of Milo Dinosaur with cocoa powder that is the perfect for those the have lactose intolerance.  He also demonstrate his healthy version of Nasi Lemak, which apparently is one of Joseph Schooling's favourite dish, that May Schooling is also very keen to learn.  It is amazing that the substitution of rice by grated cauliflower, taste as great as the usual Nasi Lemak that we have.

Chef Benson showing alternative to Milo powder for those who are lactose intolerant

Healthy Nasi Lemak

Protein Bar Making

The final part of the workshop will be the hands on session, making our own protein bar, which turn out to be easy and fun.  I am pretty happy with my final product which has won many praises over it, that it is very nicely done.  This has indeed boost my confidence that I can actually "cook".
My handmade SpirulinaProtein Bar 

After the workshop, Jessie & hubby, Kelvin and I have a walk around the 20,000 sq ft Mahota Commune which is well stocked with a wide variety of organic food and superfood.  Apart from that, they also have a in house restaurant which swear by the motto "we grow what we cook, we cook what we sell".

This is the first time we went to Mahota Commune, which we feels, is a hidden gem at the Kitchener Complex.  Would definitely love to revisit the place and try out the restaurant next time.


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