[Food Review] Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo at S-11 Bishan Food Court

Located at S-11 Bishan 504 Food Court, Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo is just 5 mins walk from Bishan MRT. Opened earlier this year, Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo's Philosophy is to offer tasty and affordable Yong Tau Foo which quality shall not be compromised.

Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo offer a wide selection of ingredients which are freshly prepared daily, with limited quantities of handmade Hakka Yong Tau Foo and fried wantons available each day.

Daily Freshly prepared Yau Tau Foo Ingredients

Daily Freshly prepared Yau Tau Foo

Hakka Yong Tau Foo and other variety

Fried Wantons (8pcs at $4.00)

One can opt for the dry version or soup version of Yong Tau Foo, or you can opt for the curry laksa or ma la soup for a more exciting taste.  To get more filling, one can go with the usual rice, bee hoon or instant noodles along the Yong Tau Foo.  Or they can go for mee sua (麵線),  yi mein(伊麵), or chee cheong fun (猪肠粉) which is less offered among the Yong Tau Foo stalls.

Yong Tau Foo Curry Laksa 

Yong Tau Foo Chee Cheong Fun

Pay $3.60 only for 5 pcs of Yong Tau Foo with noodles / rice, or $3.80 for 5 pcs of Yong Tau Foo with Chee Cheong Fun. Additional pc is at $0.60 each. Freshly made Yong Tau Foo at this pricing is certainly affordable and reasonably priced!

I tried the curry laksa version with yi mien which seems an usual combination, surprisingly, the combination turns out to be rather tasty with the curry laksa soaked into the noodle. And I will highly recommend you to add a pc of the vegetarian mock goose for an extra crunch, thanks Xian Mei for the recommendation!  Being a true blue Hakka, I find the Hakka Yong Tau Foo rather authentic, I would especially recommend you to try the handmade pork meat ball which I feel like having a second helping!

We find the curry laksa less spicy than those offered in the market and feedback to Xian Mei and she humbly note down.  She shared that she has been taking note of customers' preference and has adjusted her soup base recipe several times along the way.  She also tries to remember her customers' preference which makes returns customers feel much valued.  I certainly love her sincerity towards the customers and adhering to her business philosophy and would recommend that you pay Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo a visit to experience for yourself.

Blk 504 S-11 Food Court
Bishan Street 11 #01-04
Singapore 570504
Opening Hours: 9:00am - 9:30am

Disclaimer: All views expressed in the review is solely based on personal experience.


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