POPULAR Readers' Choice Award 2017

When is the last time you pick up a book to read? Apart from listening to music and watching TV Drama Series, reading is also a favourite past time of mine.  As I start working, I less frequent libraries due to my busy working schedule so I usually buy my reading materials from the book stores.  I like to visit the Bras Basah Complex which is also known as Our City of Books or check out the BookFest@Singapore where I can browse through a wide selection of books and pick up a few for my own reading. 

I read more of Chinese books and bought titles mainly written by authors from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.  Singapore?  No, you did not see wrongly.  Actually, Singapore has a nos of outstanding authors. To honour the local authors, Popular Book Store has come up with POPULAR Reader's Choice Award where readers get to vote for their favourite books in the various category by local authors.

The nominated titles for this year's readers' Choice Award:
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I've received 2 of the nominated books and here's my short review:

壹千个回忆 - 管雪梅回忆录

This book is more of a biography of Alice Kwan (管雪梅) who is a veteran showbiz writer who also acts and published a couple of books.  The book shared about her younger days, family, relationship and her journey to the showbiz and journalist. Inside also shared her memories with those she is in contact, including celebrities.  However, the book will resonate more with those born in the 60s or earlier as some of the celebrities mentioned in the book are of older generation which even for me who is born in the 70s, are not familiar.

I've "known" Alice from her occasional acting then came to realise that she actually writes for  Shin Min Daily News 《新明日报》entertainment section.  So I got curious of what she has to share in this book.  Especially when I have always wanted to be a showbiz writer and keen interest in knowing the showbiz insider news.  It is pretty amazing to learn about her, being a secondary school drop out whom later went for evening classes to complete her secondary four education, and eventually venture into journalist due to her passion of writing.  There isn't very in depth insider info about the celebrities however, we do get to learn the other side of some of the celebrities. Deep down in my heart, I wished for more juicy insider info.

The 495 pages book is a pretty easy read with big fonts and lots of pictures, it just took me about 3 days to complete the book.


Danny Yeo, whom most of us probably knew him as former DJ of Y.E.S 93.3FM.  Being bilingual and multi-talented, he not only host TV program / events, but also directs theatre plays.  He is also a writer and lecturer.  The book is made up of several short essays and includes a copy of the CD with 11 of the selected titles.  Its cover page even won the Best Book Cover in Singapore Book Awards 2017.  It is a totally different experience listening the story through the CD, as it probably brings you back to the time when Danny hosted in radio programme, listening to his sensational voice, conveying the story.

Among the stories shared, are mainly of his personal experience and personal thoughts, of which some touch on topics related to the national conditions.  One of the most interesting article got to be "A Love Letter" 《一封情书》 where anthropomorphism is used, where the Stars represented the citizens of Singapore, writing a heart felt letter to Singapore which is represented by the Moon. I definitely enjoyed reading this book, which coupled with a nos. of nice photographs aside of the short essays, and would highly recommend to all for a good read.

Cast your votes for your favourite titles for the Readers' Choice Awards.

P/S: The 2 books are of media drop, however, the above book review is of my own opinions.


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