[Photo Exhibition] HAENYEO - A Different Sight of Jeju by Jose Jeuland

While many will capture the picturesque landscapes of Jeju, Singapore-based French photographer from Brittany, Jose Jeuland, choose to capture the Haenyeo, female divers of Jeju province of South Korea.

Jose Jeuland will be holding his first photography exhibition, ‘HAENYEO’, in the East Garden Foyer of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, featuring compelling portraits of the Haenyeo, to tell the unique story of these Haenyeo women of great fortitude.

Diving by profession in Jeju, dates all the way back to 434 A.D. With no breathing equipment, only flippers and goggles, these female divers sweep the sea floor for abalones, conches, and octopuses.  Over time, a semi-matriarchal society formed on Jeju, with the Haenyeo taking the helm as the head of their households. Before the inscription into UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list in December 2016, Haenyeo were relatively unheard of outside of Korea. Today, they are celebrated as an invaluable gem of Jeju as the profession slowly fading away, with more women taking a deep dive into the corporate world.

Due to the perilous nature of the profession, these women are constantly crossing between life and death. Jeuland’s photographs capture both their human fragility and their incredible mental and physical strength. Come and take a glimpse at the rich tradition of the Haenyeo through Jeuland’s introspective lens.

For any sale of the prints in the exhibition, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Singapore Committee for UN Women.

HAENYEO Photography Exhibition
Date: 28 October to 23 November 2017
Venue: East Garden Foyer, The Fullerton Hotel
Address: 1 Fullerton Square Singapore 049178
Admission Fee: Free Addmission

Image Credits: Jose Jueland


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