Unveiling the Seven Deadlier Sins at Universal Studios Singapore's Halloween Horror Nights 7

Singapore’s premier scare event, Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights, is back for the seventh edition, unleashing the darkest and most twisted horrors ever! Come face-to-face with a frenzied gang of flesh-eating zombies lunging from every corner, enter the ruins of a mall filled with vengeful spirits and more...

Themed after seven new incarnations of sins present in modern day life – Cruelty, Deception, Malice, Manipulation, Narcissism, Perversion and Obsession – these sins are embodied in seven iconic characters called the Sinisters. Guests can expect heart-pounding moments with five terrifying haunted houses, two scare zones and two killer shows, in addition to many of the park’s exciting rides and attractions that open till late.

All-New Zombie Laser Tag Experience
Fans can expect a horror-filled, interactive nightmare with the all-new Zombie Laser Tag Experience. Teams of four will work together for one mission: to fend off and “kill” deranged zombies in infested areas with laser tag gear that promises to be no child’s play.

Haunted House: Death Mall | Sin: Malice
Enter the Death Mall with vengeful spirits roaming within the aisles and lanes. Residing in the afterworld, the souls seek justice and revenge on the mall owner and even innocent passers-by.

Haunted House: Inside the Mind | Sin: Obsession
Delve into the mind of a deeply depraved force of evil and experience a chilling and macabre foray into his psyche. Guests will come face-to-face with shadowy forms such as Night Terrors, Inner Demons and Tormented Souls.

Haunted House: Hex | Sin: Manipulation
Expect spells, hex and sorcery in this cursed house filled with evil voodoo relics and antiques. The powerful Midnight Man, a treacherous witch doctor and shaman, will manipulate all weak minds and feeble hearts. Journey into a multitude of heart-
thumping ritualistic scenes and dungeons brimming with black magic all around.

Scare Zone: Pilgrimage of Sin
With the new deadlier sins unleashed on earth, fanatics from all over the world have gathered here to pay penance and plead for absolution. This scare zone is a microcosm of all seven deadlier sins, with characters such as the Guardians of the Gate, the
Devotees, the Keepers and Seekers of Sin roaming the pilgrimage grounds.

Scare Zone: Happy Horror Days | Sin: Perversion
Happy Horror Days conjures a twisted representation of everyone’s favourite holidays. Take a walk through time and meet new nemesis, from a diabolical-looking Easter bunny to the wicked Humpty Dumpty. You will never look forward to your holidays again.

Haunted House: Make the Cut | Sin: Narcissism
Narcissism takes a star turn in this haunted house where auditions are being held for the next big thing in Gore-Pop. Fame-crazed wannabes go to the extremes with Gore-ditions, X-scream makeovers and more, in this twist on the Korean wave.

Haunted House: Terrorcotta | Sin: Cruelty
Step into a horrifyingly visual spectacle set amidst a horde of terrorcotta soldiers, and witness the cruelty of Empress Qing who will stop at nothing to become the most powerful female ruler in ancient China. Guests will be subjected to the Empress’ methods of cruelty on those who have wronged her.

Two All-New Live Shows

Laboratorium | Sin: Deception
Held at Pantages Hollywood Theater, this show exposes the deception of plague doctors who treat humans as test subjects to find cures during the Black Death, only to create freaks with superhuman abilities. Featuring death-defying stunts performed by international acts, this show is set to leave everyone on the edge of their seats.

Slice of Life Tour | Sin: Narcissism
Music lovers can catch this show at the Hollywood Lagoon Stage, where an album launch performance by newest pop trio Slit Face Girls turns into a bloody affair, in this horrifying twist on the Korean wave.

The live-action zombie experience incorporates brainwave technology to create an experience like no other. Select participants will wear headbands that sense concentration levels to help unlock clues in their quest. Guests will be able to upgrade their tickets at S$38 each to enjoy this thrilling experience.

Halloween Horror Nights 7 starts at 7.30pm and runs for 14 select nights from 29 September to 29 October. As part of an early bird promotion till 5 September, guests can purchase tickets at S$55 each, or purchase three tickets to enjoy one free. A standard event ticket costs S$68. Tickets can be purchased online at www.halloweenhorrornights.com.sg and at Universal Studios Singapore ticket booth.

Mastercard card holders who purchase early bird tickets can stand a chance to win the Mastercard Priceless Experience where two lucky winners will each get to invite five friends for the ultimate scare experience at Universal Studios Singapore. It will be held on two nights only in September as a prelude to the regular event nights. The event includes a behind-the-scenes tour and an overnight tent stay at the theme park’s most haunted locations, ushering guests into unparalleled thrills as they brave through unexpected horrors throughout the night. Horror fans will relish the adrenaline rush in this experience, as though they were part of a reality TV survival show.

For more info, visit: http://www.rwsentosablog.com/hhn7/

Images Credit: Resorts World Sentosa


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