[Singapore Night Festival 2017] "A Galaxy of Moons & Stars" by the Gem Museum

In celebration of the Singapore Night Festival's 10th anniversary, the Gem Museum has held a gemstone exhibition - "A Galaxy of Moons & Stars".

For some of you out there, who might heard of the Gem Museum for the first time, it is actually founded by Ms. Loke Huiying & Mr. Tay Kunming since 2015.  The Gem Museum is a private gem museum that is open to the public, showcasing an extensive range of gemstones and minerals from around the world, and also as an initiative by Far East Gem Institute to bring knowledge and experience of gemmology to the public.

Star Ruby and Star Sapphire

Libyan Desert Glass

Inspired by the grandeur of the galaxy, the exhibits are created using rare natural Moonstones, Star Stones and Cat's Eyes that display the phenomenal effects.

Mountain Aurora

Forest Night

To allow festival-goers a better understanding of the beauty of these gemstones, the museum will be running short presentation to brief through the characteristic of these gemstones.

In addition, festival-goers can look forward to take home an exquisite piece of moonstone, star stone or any precious natural gemstone with just a $20 mystery dip!

A Galaxy of Moons & Stars
Venue: The Gem Museum, 222 Queen Street #02-02 Singapore 188550 
Dates: 18th -26th August 2017 (closed on Sunday)
Time: 3:00pm - 10:00pm
Admission: Free

For more information, visit: http://thegemmuseum.gallery/


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