Dester Singapore Gold Cup 2016 @ Singapore Turf Club

Thanks to GengHui, I get the chance to attend this year's Singapore Dester Gold Cup 2016 at Singapore Turf Club.  It is with regrets that he has to give the event a miss last minute due to loss of his loved one, my condolences goes to him and his family.

The Dester Singapore Gold Cup is actually the Singapore Turf Club's annual charity race day.  This year, together with Tote Board, the club will be donating $1.5 million back to the community and society.

As most people are aware, I am one who seldom wear dress and put on make up, however, as a respect for the event, I have put on some light make up and wear a simple little black dress for the occasion.

Image credit: Victor Lim
However, when I reached the Singapore Turf Club, I felt myself much under-dressed as compared to the rest...

Mediacorp Artistes: Francis Yip 葉世品 and Chen Tian Wen 陳天文

Nonetheless, I have a great time catching up with some of the blogger friends and meeting new friends...

Together with Emily & Elaine, Image Credit: Yuki Ng

Together with Silver Ang

Together with Celestia, Yuki, Karen & Regina, Image Credit: Yuki Ng

Since young,  I've never been outstanding and in no way, stand out among the crowd... but on that day, I have a chance to be a "star", directed and posed for some pictures to be taken by Yuki...

Cheers with Emily, Image Credit: Yuki Ng

Although the angle of above picture does not seems very flattering for me but I love the above shot captures both Emily and I enjoying ourselves...

I am also tasked as Yuki's Photographer of the day, doing something I've always enjoyed... The below pose is actually directed by Yuki herself and I really love how she can naturally pose in front of the camera.

Great friends and great beer (100% malt Dester Beer), this is not all, we also get to enjoy the sumptuous buffet spread and lovely music from live singing at the same time.  You can even strike a pose, together with the beautiful event models!

Sumptuous Buffet Spread

Live Singing Performance

Beautiful event models

Being in the VIP ballroom, beside having the comfort of seating in the air-condition room to view the horse races via the hanging TVs, we can also seat / stand around the full glass window area to have a bird's eye view of the entire horse race.

Image Credit: Yuki Ng

We are also invited to a tour to the horse viewing area where viewers can catch glimpses of the horse's condition before each race started, which helps them gauge/predict the horses' performance.

At the horse viewing area

We also headed up to the grandstand area where we view horse races LIVE!  It is rather interesting to see behind the scene, how jockeys need to weigh in and weigh out of the race to ensure that the horse are carrying the correct assigned weight (jockey + their kit including the saddler). And how the winning jockey of each race got interviewed...

At the Grandstand area

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Having visited Singapore Turf Club, there is no excuse not to try your luck, as the Chinese sayings goes, a little gambling can be pleasurable. So with Yuki's suggestion, I placed a small bet of $5 each for Win and Place in Race# 09 and am lucky to have won a little amount...  Thank you Yuki!

Collecting my winning money, Image Credit: Yuki Ng

The day at the Dester Singapore Gold Cup 2016 has been a fun-filled day, playing the role of a blogger, model, photographer, opportunist, & winner!  

Thank you the Singapore Turf Club and Dester Beer for having me...

Image Credit: Emily Chong


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