New Artisan "Treasures" by Gryphon Tea Company

Quench your palette with an assortment of 10 different tea variants in Gryphon Tea New Artisan Treasures which will be retailing at S$18.50 (excluding GST), exclusively on Gryphon Tea Company website. A box of Gryphon Treasures impresses with its 20 delicate silken sachets  with two sachets of each variant from the best-selling Artisan Selection.

Gryphon Treasures is definitely the “Treasure” , perfect for individuals who love to explore a variety of tea flavours or crave a different brew each day,. Each box consists of 10 diverse flavours, two variants for each tea type: black, green, white, oolong and rooibos teas.  Enjoy a selection of tea blends ranging from Straits Chai, Contessa Grey, Marrakesh Mint, Osmanthus Sencha, White Gingerlily, Nymph of the Nile, Lily of the Field, Templetree Lotus, Mogambo and Tomatino.

Gryphon Tea New Artisan Treasures can be purchased from Gryphon Tea Official Website  For any enquiries, you may contact the Gryphon Tea office at (65) 6779 2948.

To check on latest launch and promotions, visit Gryphon Tea Company Facebook Page.


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