Buddy Cops 《刑警兄弟》 Movie Review

BUDDY COPS 《刑警兄弟》is a upcoming comedy-action Hong Kong movie directed by Peter Chik 戚家基 and produced by Eric Tsang 曾志偉 . Starring Bosco Wong 黄宗泽 and King Kong 金刚, featuring an all-star supporting cast like Kate Tsui 徐子珊, Charmaine Fong 方皓玟 , Jordan Chan 陳小春, and many more!

Buddy Cops 《刑警兄弟》 Synopsis
Fei and Johnny are two rookie cops, raised in single-parent families. They are constantly bickering and can’t stand the presence of each other. Not only are they loggerheads at work, their lives further intertwined when each of their parent fell crazily in love and got married! Soon, the “brothers” are assigned to investigate a murder case that leads them to a big conspiracy, where hilarious happenings await.



Starring: Eric Tsang, Bosco Wong, King Kong, Kate Tsui, Charmaine Fong
Directed by: Peter Chik
Produced by: Eric Tsang
Run time : 100 mins
Genre : Crime-Comedy

Buddy Cops 《刑警兄弟》 Movie Trailer

Buddy Cops 《刑警兄弟》 Movie Review
There are pretty much sexual connotations used through out the movie which may cause slight discomfort to some.  The movie is pretty much of a comedy that you can hear hysterical laughter through out the movie session, however, the storyline is rather weak which you already can guess what's next.  Something worth a mention is Kate Tsui dumping aside her beautiful and seductive look and putting up with a nerdy look. Despite her nerdy looks, one can't help feeling her attractive with her sincere and caring character.  Go for the movie if you only need a great laugh off to

BUDDY COPS《刑警兄弟》 will be screening in the cinemas from 21st April 2016.


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