A Taste of Tradition at Attap House @ Fusionopolis

The Attap House, opened since July 2015, is an eatery located at Fusionopolis (One North). If you are taking the MRT, simply go via Exit D towards Galaxis Building.

Attap House is created with the aim to offer authentic local delights and brings back nostalgic memories of the 1970s-1980s. This also explains the high usage of wooden, rattan and attap leaves materials in its furniture and fittings.

The Otah Bun (S$2.50) simply should not be missed! Reason being, the bun is well toasted on the outer and yet soft, with a subtle sweetness that simply goes well with the Otah.  The well marinated otah is flavourful and with a low spicy level which means, kids will probably enjoy as much as the adults! And the slice of butter, simply adds on to a buttery fragrance.

Otah Bun, S$2.50
The Assam Fish with White Rice (S$5.80) is a pretty affordable price.  However, it is not to my personal liking, reason being, the distinctive fishiness, probably due to choice of fish used.  And mostly importantly, the assam taste is not soaked in the fish itself, it tasted as though the fish and the assam gravy are separately cooked which is a disappointment. Also, be mindful of the tiny fish bones when eating the dish.
Assam Fish, S$5.80

For the Satay Mee Hoon (S$6.80), its home made satay sauce is actually made up of grounded peanuts and cashew nuts.  The texture of the Mee Hoon is just nice for me, on the softer side which to some, may find it of less bouncy texture.  Apparently, there is a mixed review of the Satay Mee Hoon. Some of the bloggers simply love it for its flavourfulness, but unfortunately, the tasting portion of mine, is too bland which a few others also shared the same view.  I think it might be fairer to make a trip back again to try out the full portion to give a more accurate verdict.  

Satay Mee Hoon (S$6.80)

Next comes the Pork Chop with Sambal Fried Rice (S$6.80). The sambal fried rice score average as I feels that the spicy level simply needs to be up, even for someone like me who eat less of spicy food! On the other hand, the dark savoury pork chop may not seems very appetising, however, as the sayings goes, never judge a book by its cover! The grilled pork chop is simply delectable and its probably due to the sake used in the marination which brings out the flavour. The pork chop taste pretty much like Char Siew, less the coloured food dyes, which is great for the health conscious.

Pork Chop with Sambal Fried Rice, S$6.80

Cashew Nut Fried Rice (S$6.50) simply won over the hearts of many of us.  However, some of us find that the black pepper may be slightly overpowering.  The Cashew nuts not only added flavour but also texture to the dish.  And the chicken breast meat chunks are well marinated.  This is actually highly recommended to try.  And hopefully, my next visit to the Attap House, the black pepper is of the appropriate portion which will be added points to the dish.

Braised Hokkien Noodle (S$5.90) is a typical traditional Singapore dish and the recipe originates from a lady who have 50 years of experience cooking Hokkien Mee.  However, to reach out to the health conscious people, pork lard is removed from the recipe, the sauce is braised with mushroom instead. It is a pity that the noodles did not simmer long enough to absorb the flavours of the gravy and ingredients, thus tastes less flavourful than expected.  Call me unhealthy, I still feel that this traditional dish will fare better with the use of lard.

ABraised Hokkien Noodle, S$5.90
The Chef did a live demonstration of cooking the Braised Hokkien Mee...

The Bobo Chacha (S$3.00) is definitely the highlight of the night where everyone loves it for its richness. Nowadays, I less often come across a decent bowl of this traditional dessert of mixed taro and sweet potatoes cubes. The aromatic coconut milk and pandan leaves simply entice the taste. Thick, yet not too gluey nor overly-sweet, this bobo chacha jolly scores 8.5/10!

Another dessert will be waffle with Nonya Kaya / Peanut Butter (S$3.00).  The Nonya Kaya, infused with the Gula Melaka, gives the Kaya a rich taste, and surprisingly, the sweetness is well balanced, which is a plus point.  On the other hand, the homemade Peanut Butter Sauce, creamy, rich and smooth, simply goes well with the Waffle. Alternatively, you can order with a scoop of ice-cream with Waffle at S$4.80 and have some maple syrup or chocolate sauce over it!

Delivery service is available at Attap House between 9 am to 11 am and 2 pm to 7 pm. For orders above S$30.00, delivery charge will be waived off, simply call 9052 2669 to place your order.

Attap House
1 Fusionopolis Pl,  #01-04 Fusionopolis Galaxis, Singapore 138522
Opening Hours: 7.30am-8pm, Daily
Tel: +65 8590 1482


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