Swedish Brand Happy Plugs Stylish Wireless Speakers: Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini

Atlas Sound & Vision Pte Ltd has recently launched its latest flagship products Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini by Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand Happy Plugs at Klapsons, The Boutique Hotel where all invited media and guests had an opportunity to experience first-hand the state-of-the-art sound technology and minimalist Swedish design.

In collaboration, all 17 rooms of unique designs in  Klapsons, the luxury boutique hotel, have been outfitted with a set of Happy Plugs Sound Piece speakers for guests to enjoy as part of the tailor-made klapsons’ experience.

If you think Happy Plugs only offer plugin, then you are absolutely wrong! Their gadgets offer lifestyle and fashion... The newly launch Happy Plugs Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini are crafted for the modern sophisticated home owner, marrying interior design with consumer electronics.

With exchangeable grills in multiple designs and colours, the Sound Piece integrates easily into the home as an essential centrepiece and music centre, which serves perfectly as a fashion statement! On the other hand, the Sound Piece Mini, a compact and portable speaker that fits into one’s carry-on is great for those who are on the go. Its built-in microphone also allows the device to double up as a conference speaker and speakerphone.

The Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini each comes with the signature black grill and retails at S$329 and S$139 respectively.  New exchangeable grills of same colours and styles as the existing Happy Plugs design portfolio are available for sale separately. These products can be purchased through Atlas E-store and selected resellers island-wide.


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