[Food Review] FIVE Square at Pickering Street

Located at the Great Eastern Centre in Pickering Street, is a dining spot consists of  FIVE Square and FIV五 (Fivebar).

Modelled after the 300-yen bars in Japan, Fivebar offers a wholesome of $5 specials each and everyday while the Five Square comprises of 5 stalls offering a variety of cuisine, ranging, Japanese (Teppei Syokudo), Korean (Gogibox) Spanish (Cin.qo Tapas), Western (Omnivore) and Chinese (Grub Noodle).

With the advancement in technology, we are seeing more and more F&Bs turning to usage of technology such as, iPad menu, e-waiter as well as self-ordering kiosk to provide a more efficient service. To keep up with times and technology, FIVE Square is also introducing self-ordering kiosk where you can conveniently place your order and make payment via the mode of cash / NETS / Credit card. Once your food is ready, you will receive an SMS alert.  All these done in a breeze within a few minutes, and save the patronizers from queuing for the food and save the hassle of carrying a buzzing device.

During the Tasting, we have tried out a variety of the dishes available at the 5 stalls in FIVE Square.

Seafood paella $9.50/$12 (Cin.qo Tapas)

Teriyaki pizza $15 (Cin.qo Tapas)

Truffle Fries (Cin.qo Tapas)

Beef tacos $6.80 (Gogibox)

Kimchi fried rice with spicy chicken $8.50 (Gogibox)

Beef noodle $8.90 (Grub Noodle)

Pork noodle $9.90 (Grub Noodle)

Sampling platter $24.80 (Omnivore)

 Kaisendon $16 (Teppeo Syokudo)

Among the dishes, I enjoyed the Teriyaki pizza from Cin.qo Tapas the most, which is a fusion of both Italian and Japanese. The pizza dough is crispy and of perfect thickness that I like.  The well marinated ingredients have managed to score more points.  Followed by that, another favourite is the Sampling platter from Omnivore, which seems to be a hot favourite among all invited bloggers. The Sampling platter definitely appeals more to the meat lovers where they get to try a variety of red and white meat.

As mentioned earlier, the bar is just beside FIVE Square.  Barhoppers at Fivebar are also welcomed to order food from FIVE Square and eat in the premises of the bar while enjoying some live music, which seems to be of an economical way of chilling out!

Five Square
Great Eastern Centre #01-03, 1 Pickering St
Singapore 048659
Telephone: 8798 0245


  1. That's a nice restaurant. They also have good selections and foods. I'd like to try some of their Gogibox. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Mark, you are welcomed :) Have a great weekend ahead!


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