Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Working Part Time in Singapore Now and Then

With the high living expenses in Singapore, it is not uncommon for one to hold part time jobs in Singapore to earn that extra dollar, even students.

One may hold a part time job for different reasons.  Those days, most of the students who hold a part time job aims to lighten the burden of our parents where we earn our own pocket money / tertiary tuition fees, but nowadays, most students hold a part time job to fulfil their materialistic needs.

Kids are very fortunate nowadays, most of them get a hefty sum of pocket money, compared to my times.  As the family size grows smaller now, with most families having 1 kid only, most parents are more willing to splurge on their kids.  Back in 20 years ago when I was in poly education, anyone who were to get an allowance of $10 a day, is considered getting a lot!  But now?  The teen will probably be complaining that this amount is too little when comparing with their peers.

Those days, most of the students will probably be part-timing in fast food chains like McDonald's and KFC with a miserable rate of around $2-$2.50 per hour, which I heard the current rate is now doubled or more.  Others may look for part-time retail assistance or waiter/waitress job that can fetch better rates, averaging $3.50-$5 per hour , which now average out to be $6.50-$9.50 per hour.  Other common part time jobs are like distributing flyers or night shift/weekend production jobs.  Now, there are much more variety of part time jobs Singapore opportunities available, and the rates much better compared to the past, even having factored in the inflation rate.

Those were the days, we do our part time job search by flipping through the temporary / part-time section of the Straits Times recruitment.  But now?  All you need is to enter a search of keywords like "part time jobs for students" and there is a list of readily available part time job options for you to pick.

Whatever the reason you are holding a part time job, it is important to pick up some skills which will be of good use in the future!

Time management 
While part time job is flexible, one needs to have a proper time management to juggle between his/her work and studies.

This is very much related to time management too.  Not all people suits to take up part time job, if one is unable to prioritise, it is unlikely he/she can manage his/her time well.

Customer Service
Day to day, you will face both external and internal customers; this is where you need to apply the customer service skills to handle these people of different facets in different ways. You may be interested to read my old post on my own definition of customer service.

Problem Solving 
It is inevitable that you may come across a difficult person during your work, and how to handle him/her may be a challenge. Other than getting an idea of his/her frustration/anger, it is importable to offer solution or suggest alternatives. This is where you may need to practice a bit of flexibility and sometimes to think out of the box.

Communication Skills
Be accountable to what you said and listen with empathy.  Keep your points short and concise to have message clearly convey across.  Check your interpretation and do not make any assumption to make sure you get the correct understanding.

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  1. Time management is magic word to juggle between work and studies ...ask my daughter.
    Love and hugs to you my friend for the festive season. Hope it’s a fabulous Christmas for you and yours! Best wishes for the New Year.

    Gaby <3