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Some time back, I was invited by Trapped.SG (Trapped Escape Room) to try out one of their escape rooms.  They have 2 branches, one is at Kandahar Street near Arab Street, where the famous swiss roll cake shop - Good & Rich is nearby; and the other is conveniently located at *SCAPE.

Trapped is a 5D real escape room, whereby players are trapped within a themed room and need to use their wits to solve puzzles and locks to find their way out within the 60 mins time frame.

There are total 5 themes of different difficulty and intensity level available in the 2 outlets:
Avengers / Friday the 13th / World War Zombies at *SCAPE outlet
Hunger Games - The Escape / Hansel & Gretel - Witches Lair at Kandahar Street Outlet

Together with Samuel, Crane, Yyann, Jessie and Joanne, we headed over to the branch at *SCAPE to try out the World War 3: Zombies Edition (World War Zombies).  Upon knowing that we will be trying out a horror themed room, Jessie and Joanne were a bit worried if there will be something horrified that will suddenly drop down right in front of them.  But during the briefing session, they are rest assured that this will not happen and they felt more at ease.

Image Credit: Trapped.SG

As usual, there are some games rules that need to abide to, of which, one common rule among the various escape room operators is that, no mobile phone is allowed.

Crack all clues within the 60 mins time frame and get your photo up on this wall of fame!

Although the room capacity is stated to be 2-10 person, it is highly recommended for a group of not more than 6 person as the walkway can be a bit narrow.  Especially when we start heated up and run around to search for clues, we tend to bump into each other occasionally.  One thing to take note of, the room is real dark for the World War Zombies room, until you solve the first puzzle and found the torch light.  We wasted 15 mins cracking our brains and going nowhere to solve the first clue before we decided to ask for help.  But mind you, the assistance given isn't that direct so you will still need a bit of thinking to solve the puzzle.

The puzzles to be solved are quite challenging.  Sometimes, the most obvious ones are neglected, resulting us taking much longer to solve the puzzle.  Unfortunately, we did not managed to solve the puzzles in time.  But we are given an extra few mins and finally we get to escape from the land of zombies!

Have your photos taken together with the photo props available after the game and Trapped.SG will actually upload your group photos on their Facebook page. One problem with the props, is that many are in poor conditions so maybe they may look into better way of storage and maintaining them.

Current game rates:
Off Peak Hours (Mon to Fri, before 6pm): $22/pax
Peak Hours (Mon to Fri after 6pm, Sat/Sun/PH All Day and Eve of Christmas/New Year): $24
Student Rates  (Mon to Fri, before 6pm): $18/pax, 21 years old and below with student pass

Do make your booking in advance to ensure the availability of the escape room that you desire to challenge and you can opt to either pay online, or pay by cash/nets in the store.

Trapped Outlets:

Kampung Glam Shop Houses
42 Kandahar Street
Singapore 198896
Tel: +65-6292 2177

2 Orchard link #02-20/21/22
Singapore 237978
Tel: +65-6636 9722


  1. LOL. I think we will get kicked out from Trapped.SG if we go there. We shift around the furniture when we go exit plan... :X

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