Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2015

The Singapore International Jewelry Expo is back to Marina Bay Sands Singapore from July 2 to 5, 2015, with more than US$150 million exhibit of exquisite range of jewelry and designs from around the world by 200 exhibitors from 26 countries.

Backed by strong support from the international jewelry industry spanning the globe from United States to South Africa, from Europe to Australia and from Asia, the Singapore International Jewelry Expo to showcase a truly spectacular trove of jewelry, gems and accessories to both members of the trade and the public and integrates two areas of interest – jewelry and investment.

This year, the organizer has worked tirelessly for twelve months to commission some of the most exquisite and affordable jewelry from jewelers from all over the globe, for buyers here in Singapore. These range from S$259 to S$15,000 and are crafted by some of the most talented jewelers from Italy, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore and more.

The Million Dollar Row presented by IVY Masterpiece showcase an extremely rare collection of Burmese ruby ring and diamonds ranging from rings to earrings to bracelets priced from S$1,500,000 to S$3,300,000. Learn about investments in gemstones from Ms Ivy Choa of IVY Masterpiece.
The show highlight is a 950-ct natural unheated Burmese ruby rough, which is extremely rare find! This is exhibited at the Luxe jeweller DeGem. To appreciate the importance and value of this amazing rough, one need only refer to the sale of a 25.59ct Burmese ruby ring at a world record price of USD30.33 million, at Sotheby’s auction in Geneva in May 2015. This world record was not only for a ruby sold at an auction but also for any colored gemstone at an auction.

Other highlights includes:

Exquisite 9.47 carat rare cushion cut Fancy Yellow Diamond worth USD 700,000 from KGK Diamonds. The GIA certified diamond is regarded as top most diamond certification lab globally.

​DeGem’s ‘Pinnacle of the Ocean’, a 38-carat unheated Burmese Sapphire set in place against the diamond-embellished, blackened gold ring. Certified by the Gem Research Swisslab, this natural sapphire with a rich and intense blue hue, makes it the centre of attention among all the other exhibits.​
IVY Masterpiece presents a rare S$600,000 diamond necklace made up of string of exquisite white diamonds accompanying a 5.06 carat pear shape centrepiece.

The show is organised by Conference and Exhibitions Management Services (CEMS). Visa is the official credit card for SIJE 2015.

Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2015
Venue: Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Halls A & B
Dates : 2 - 5 July 2015 (Thursday to Sunday)

Admission Time: 
11:30am to 8:30pm (Thursday - Saturday)
            11:30am to 7:00pm (Sunday)

For more information, pls visit: 

Photo Credit: CEMS


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