Why Do An Internship?

Most often, fresh graduates feel lost, knowing not what to do. I have also gone through the same stage before.  Many of my younger peers approached me with their dilemma of not knowing what
to do next.  What jobs to look for?  What job suits them?  My advice to them, if you are not sure what job is for you to go and look for suitable Singapore internship opportunities.  Although most often ,
employers hire interns with little or no experience, at little or no monetary compensation, the benefits of doing an internship go far beyond the pay cheque.

Why do an internship?  Here’s 6 benefits that you should look at!

1. Gaining Valuable Work Experience
An internship is a great way to gain hands on work experience and learn the ropes. Usually, companies will prefer to engage experienced staff than first time job seeker; however, most of them 
are willing to train the first timer as interns and provide them the experience needed for that particular job.

2. Having an Edge in the Job Market 
Employers are usually more concerned with one’s work experience than his/her qualifications. Therefore internship is the answer to gaining that work experience, vital to securing the job you eyeing for. Most employers will prefer or require applicants with relevant work experience or at least internship experience in the field. Thus your internship experience helps to set you apart from other fresh graduates and also justify in asking for a higher rate vs. someone with no relevant experience at all. 

3. Opportunity to turn into Job Offer 
Some employers use the internship as a way to evaluate prospective employees.  Although it is not necessary that an internship will turn into a job, but good performance during the internship
definitely increases the chance to converting into a full time staff with the company.  Or when there is a job opening, you will likely be one of the prospects that the company will consider.

4. Test Drive a Career
When you are unsure if this is the right career for you, doing an internship will be a great way to explore for yourself.  As internships are generally short-term, you can explore for yourself and evaluate if this potential career is the right one for you, if you are comfortable working in the field, if you like the job roles for long term, or if the job brings you the job satisfaction desired.

5. Building up network 
An internship is a great way to networking with people in your field.  These networking contacts in the industry may acts as references and add weight to your application or may introduce you to others in your field that might eventually help you land into your ideal job.

6. Gain Confidence
If you have fear facing the real work world after you graduate, an internship will equip you the necessary skills and help to build up your confidence.

Times have changed and things are no longer the same.  As Internships in Singapore are getting more and more popular, many employers are expecting to see internship experience being listed on the resumes of potential employees.  How I wished that during my time, internship Singapore opportunities are commonly available,  so that I could explore and try out the jobs which I once
hoped I would ever get into. So think no further, if you are not clear what to seek for at your current crossroad of job searching, start looking for an internship.


  1. I hope I would think of internship when I was younger.


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