[Food Review] 嚴家小廚 Yam's Kitchen @ E!Hub, Downtown East

Whenever I head down to Downtown East, I usually end up having my meals in one of the fastfood chain.  I barely explore around E!Hub and was delighted to be introduced to Yam's Kitchen which is located on the 4th Storey of E!Hub.

It is a conventional family style Chinese restaurant that offers not so conventional type of Chinese cuisine. The restaurant, set up in 2011, had received numerous good reviews for providing quality food at affordable price. This flagship outlet is helmed by 38 years old Chef Kelvin Yam with more than 20 years of culinary experience and achieved several gold medals in the Asia competitions for his excellent cooking skill and creativity in Chinese cuisine.

We started off with the Salted Egg Fish Skin, which basically is a dish found in most tables. The fish skin, coated with salted egg and deep fried, is flavourful.  The dish has a slight sweetness that comes from the milk powder added to the batter, and is slightly spicy.  Dip the deep fried fish skin with their home made chilli sauce, it's even more "Shiok"!  This is so popular that it is available for sale in containers as take away.

If you prefer a more healthy rendition of salted egg dish, Salted Egg Pumpkin Stripe will probably suits you.

The Fragrant Wine Pork Belly has a good proportion of lean and fatty meat so that it doesn't turn out to be too dry.  Not my most favourite ones around, in terms of marination.

Chef's Recommendation is Deep Fried Fish Tail with Garlic & Diced Chilli.  This signature dish is one of a kind in Singapore?  You may wonder why one of kind?
1. Usually what we eat in restaurant is deep fried fish and not fish tail.
2. Garlicky sauce for deep fried fish is common, yet the sauce here is added with freshly squeezed lime juice bits.

The fish is lightly battered yet crispy, so the fish meat is able to retain the moisture while the fish skin remain crispy.  The freshly sqeezed lime juice added a zesty taste to the dish, reducing the feeling of greasiness.

The MUST try dish is Award-winning Steamed Fish Tail with Sour Spicy Sauce, which is awarded the 2010 International Chef Gold Medal.  While the name and colour suggest that this might be a spicy dish, it is not the case. If for someone like Samuel who always avoid spicy food, and love it to bits, your kids will surely have no issue with the spicy level of the dish.  The sauce, both sweet and sour taste, with a mild spiciness, somehow tasted like Assam fish.  Even though deep fried fish is my all time favourite, this steamed fish tail has stolen my heart.

If you have noticed, both fish dishes are of fish tail instead of usually whole fish or fish head dishes that we eat in most restaurant.  One selling point of Yam's Kitchen is that they are specialized in fish tails dishes and all fish tails are from the Red Snapper Fish only.  This is as a quality control to ensure that each visit you eat with the same type of fish tails even though it means higher cost, Kudos to Yam's Kitchen.

The next award-winning Gold Medal Otar Beancurd with chef's special sauce.  The Otar beancurd is a mixture of both fish and beancurd, however, the marination is not exactly like otar, so don't expect that one bite will lead you to eating an otar flavoured beancurd.  However, the unique sauce is great to go with the Otar Beancurd, give it a try and let me know how you like it.

Yam's Kitchen Soya Beancurd with mincemeat is where beancurd is used instead of the usual tofu that we eat in most other restaurants. The beancurd, soft and smooth, this savoury dish will be greatly welcomed by your elderly or kids, who have difficulty biting solid food.

Home-cooked Braised Duck in Claypot actually originates from home passed down recipe that is used to braise dog in the earlier days.  The duck is soft and tender, yet remains firm.  The gravy is flavourful and great to go with a bowl of rice.  This is another MUST try dish!

I believe most of you have eaten Hor Fun before.  But how about Yuan Yang Hor Fun?  This is a special creation by Yam's Kitchen with a mixture of both regular hor fun and deep fried hor fun.  The hor fun is lightly battered yet crisp.  It is indeed a very creative dish.  What I like most, it comes with generous portion of prawn, fish slices and squid rings, etc.  However, I personally find it a bit too salty, if they can slight tone down on the saltiness, it will be even better.

We ended the meal with their home made Soya Beancurd that is made from scratch by Yam's Kitchen.The beancurd is soft and smooth to perfection, with a mild sweetness. The fragrance of pandan leaves lingers around is added point to the dessert, this is certainly a pleasing dessert to end your meal.

Oh yes, one thing to note, Yam's Kitchen does not charge service charges so you basically save 10% on your dining at the restaurant.

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This is media Tasting by invitation from Singapore Food Listing, however, opinions are of my own.

嚴家小廚 Yam's Kitchen

1 Pasir Ris Close #04~101
E!Hub @ Downtown East Singapore 519599
Tel: +65 65845884

Operating Hours:
Monday To Thursday: 11.30am – 10pm
Friday To Sunday & Public Holidays: 11.30am – 10.30pm
Outlet 2:

No 4  Jalan Leban
Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 577548
Tel: +65 6836 5020

Operating Hours:
Monday To Thursday: 11.30am – 10pm
Friday To Sunday & Public Holidays: 11.30am – 10.30pm


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