[Nostalgic Memories] The Pyramid shaped Milk Tetra Pak by Fraser & Neave

Photo Source: https://www.facebook.com/magnoliasg

I wonder if anyone is old enough to remember seeing the above Magnolia Blobs which comes in 2 flavours - plain & creamery. OMG, this picture brought back so much fond memories when F&N Magnolia posted it on their Facebook page ...

Actually there is also Daisy Long Life Milk by F&N in Pyramid Tetra Pak, that comes in chocolate and strawberry flavours as well.  I especially heart the chocolate milk then!

Photo Source: eresources.nlb.gov.sg

Those were the days when I know not what is pyramid shaped... All I know is, whenever we go outside for breakfast on weekends, my siblings and I will request to have the "triangular" pack of milk.  It is until early 1990s that the pyramid packaging are converted to rectangular Tetra Paks

How I wish they can bring back these pyramid packaging? If not permanent, at least for a limited time.  I guess kids nowadays will still get fascinated by the pyramid packaging?

Come leave a comment and share your thoughts if you have ever tried any of these pyramid shaped milk tetra pak by F&N, be it Magnolia or Daisy.  Or, if this is the first time you see these, what do you think of it versus the current packaging?


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