[Movie Review] Sara 《雏妓》

Synopsis 影片大綱
After having spent four months completing an in-depth investigation piece, Journalist Sara's editor-in-chief refuse to run it, for fear of offending powerful politicians and business moguls. Sara’s boyfriend, who works for the same magazine, chooses not to warn her and even sides with the editor-in-chief. Sara suddenly felt that she is turned off by her work, her love relationship and even about life and decided to exiles herself to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

One evening, Sara meets a child prostitute Dok-my at the bar. While getting to know Dok-my and through the process of rescuing her, Sara becomes haunted by the memories of her own past.

在耗了了4個月時間完成一篇關於官商丑聞報道, 雜志記者何玉玲(蔡卓妍飾)遭老總以雜志社利益為由而抽稿。於同一個雜志社工作的男友也站在老總那邊而令她意興闌珊。 於是,她決定到泰國散心。在清邁的一間酒吧,玉玲遇上雛妓Dok-My,千方百計要救Dok-My出火海。在拯救 Dok-My的當兒,令玉玲憶起自己過去十多年不堪回首的成長經歷…

Directed by 導演: Herman Yau 邱礼涛
Produced by 監製:Chapman To 杜文澤
Starring 主演: Charlene Choi 蔡卓妍 , Simon Yam 任达华
Rating 電影分級: R21 | SEXUAL SCENES 性相关画面
Run Time 片長: 94 mins

Movie Review 電影觀后感
Strictly speaking, this should be the first sexual themed R21 movie that I've watched.  I was pretty uncertain of what type of scenes to be expected as I did not watch the trailer, glad that it turns out to be of heavy petting, passionate kissing, undressing scenes and some back nude scenes.  If you are looking for explicit or erotic sexual scenes in the movie, you are likely to be disappointed.

The movie brings out social issues that is most often associated with poverty - sexual tourism and child prostitution.  Dok-my traded sex for money,while Sara traded sex for education but their ultimate aim is the same, to let themselves or their family members lead a better life.

Charlene Choi is not stranger to most.  She started out from girls group, "Twins" but slowly diverted her career focus from singing to acting.  This should the most daring movie that she has ever acted in. It is a big deviation from the simple-hearted gal that she usually portrays.  From one being raped by her step-father, to one that trade sex for exchange of education, and eventually enjoying the sex exchange out of love, the sexual scenes are deemed necessary to show the different stages of her growing up and life journey.  Charlene has grasped well the emotional roller coaster of Sara, and it is obvious that her acting skills has matured much in this movie.  This movie is no doubt going to be a turning point for her acting career.

I would highly recommend this movie to all, not only because it has a good storyline but also with great actors and actresses.  The social issues being brought up deserved a moment of ponder.  And if you are keen to extend these needy women a helping hand, you may want to check out The Singapore Committee for UN Women, which is a non-profit organisation working towards women's empowerment and gender equality in the region.

Last but not least, thanks Clover Films for the invite!

Ratings: 4/5


這部電影帶出了貧困群體所促成的社會問題-- 雏妓与色情旅遊業。Dok-my為了錢而賣淫,而Sara 何玉玲則為了換取學費及棲身之所,她們最終的目的都是為了讓自己或家人有更舒適的生活。

蔡卓妍(阿Sa)對大家來說,並不陌生。以"Twins" 女子合唱團出道,並逐漸將事業重心轉移拍戲。這部電影,因該是她出道以來最大膽的演出,有別於以往所飾演的純真女孩。電影中的性畫面並非特意賣弄色相,而是有必要交待何玉玲從被后父強奸,與甘浩賢展開長達8年的不道德交易,但在這買與賣之間,卻又有者如父女又如情人的感情… 蔡卓妍將何玉玲其中錯綜復雜的感情與歷盡曲折的心路歷程的內心戲掌握、詮釋得很棒。這部電影將會是阿Sa的轉捩點,並將她的演繹事業推向另一個高峰!


在此感謝 Clover Films 的邀請!


Sara will be screening in the cinemas on 26 March 2015.


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