Monday, March 23, 2015

Thank you, Mr Lee Kuan Yew...

Was sadden by the news feed on my Facebook & Instagram when I woke up this morning. Frankly speaking, I'm mentally prepared for this day to come anytime, however, never will I expect, that I will be this emotionally affected... that I will tear... You are in no way related to me, neither had I seen you in person... And I never really bother about politics...

I had to admit, I might not be sharing same sentiments towards some of the policies imposed.  However, I don't deny that, YOU are such a great man, with visions and deserve all the respect!

In pursuit of developing Singapore, you may have made decisions that do not seems right in the eyes of some. I've heard much criticism, however, I'm in no position to judge.  What seems wrong now, may be the best during then. There's really no need to debate over whether your deeds are right or wrong, for the world has eyes to see what you have sacrificed and contributed in bringing Singapore to what she has become today!

From a third world country to a metropolis; from a little red dot on the map to an internationally known country, it is definitely not an easy task! I realised that many people had no idea of the country that I came from, but know my country as the neighbour /the country up north of Singapore.  This is certainly something that the Singaporeans ought to be proud of -- Singapore is so minute in size but yet it has garnered so much attention from all around the world.

May you rest in peace, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. As suggested by a fellow IGer, we should tear no more and mourn over your demise, but celebrate your life. Heartfelt thanks to you, and rest well Sir...

-- from a Malaysian gal who has been residing in Singapore, 23/Mar/2015

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