Starbucks Offers Coffee Break Menu with Perfect Mid-afternoon Snacks

Thinking about what to have as mid-afternoon pick-me-up snack? Look no further than the new Starbucks Coffee Break menu!

Starbucks food, made without artificial trans-fat, artificial coloring, or high fructose corn syrup, offers food in high quality food, that is hearty and delicious all at the same time. The Coffee Break menu comprises 13 scrumptious items from the bakery, ranging from muffins to tarts to waffles and puffs to satisfy customers with a sweet tooth as well as those who prefer savoury options.

The muffins is one of most popular food items in Starbucks globally, the Starbucks Coffee Break menu features improved muffins like the Blueberry muffin (S$3.90) and Chocolate muffin (S$3.90), as well as exciting new flavors such as the Red Velvet with Mango Passion Muffin (S$3.90) and the Chicken Floss Muffin (S$4.20) – a savory muffin with a local twist.

Customers who are looking for sweet options can also turn to the Candied Orange & Amaranth Grain Scone (S$3.90), of a dense, crumbly and sweet taste with a slight tanginess of candied orange. Topped with Amaranth grains, you can be sure to get essential nutrition like proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Well-balanced with tangy dried cranberries and fragrant rose petals, the Rose and Cranberry Scone (S$3.90) is also another perfect choice to pair with your mid-afternoon coffee or tea. Otherwise, help yourself to the all-new Waffles – two pieces of golden waffles (S$4.90) served with fluffy whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, maple syrup and butter.

Looking for an extra kick to boost your afternoon? Try the Curry Chicken Puff (S$4.90), with an all new look! Flakey, buttery and spicy crust filled with spicy curry chicken and potato, this is a must try for those who love hot and spicy food!

The Chicken Pretzel Puff (S$4.90) is also another new item to look out for. Made with soft and chewy pretzel pockets and filled with creamy chicken fillings, this is great to fill that post-lunch hunger pangs!

Enjoy a Coffee Break at $1 Off
From 16 March to 5 April, purchase any handcrafted beverage and enjoy a coffee break food item at $1 off. This promotion is applicable at all Singapore stores, from 3 – 6 pm.


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