[Movie Review] Fashion King

The Movie is about how a teenage boy work hard to transform himself from a ‘fashion terrorist’ to a ‘fashion king’ in order to win the heart of the prettiest girl in school.

With a pair of thick glasses and stuffy appearance to boot, high school student Gi-myeong (JOO Won) is mercilessly teased by his classmates on a daily basis at a rural provincial high school, until he jumps on a chance to transfer to a hip high school in Gangnam, Seoul. At the new school, he comes across his dream girl – Hye-jin (PARK Se-young) – who is a beautiful online starlet. For a nobody like Gi-myeong, he can’t even get close to her due to her massive popularity. And to make it worse, her boyfriend, Won-ho (AHN Jae-hyeon) is not only one of the smartest students in school but also comes from a wealthy family, as well as a professional model. Not wanting to let the girl of his dreams just slip through, he vows to transform himself and be a man whom she can admire and be with.

Gi-myeong meets fashionista, Kim Nam-jung (Kim Soung-Oh), who teaches him the essences of fashion, such as ‘cool’ and ‘tight’. And with the help of Nam-jung, Gi-myeong went through the qualifying matches, and realizes what ‘tight’ really means. Seeing his face on TV piques Hye-jin’s attention, he realizes that it is Eun-jin (SULLI) whom he loves.

Finally, Gi-myeong and Won-ho head for the final round. Unfazed by Won-ho’s threats and violence, Gi-myeong enters the finals with incredible conviction as a chance to transform himself into someone he really is in his heart…

Directed by: OH Ki-hwan
Starring : JOO Won, AHN Jae-hyeon, SULLI, PARK Se-young, Kim Soung-Oh
Language : In Korean with English , Chinese Subtitles
Run Time: 119 mins

Movie Review
The movie is romance comedy, very light hearted and pretty entertaining. The 4 main leads of the movie - JOO Won, AHN Jae-hyeon, SULLI, and PARK Se-young are basically beautiful guys and gals which may be the first reason to attract one to watch the movie.  However, there is more reason for you to catch the film!

First known JOO Won through Bread, Love, and Dream, then followed by Good Doctor.  Love his acting skills.  My impression of him, is always much of a refined gentleman. I think Joo Won is nice looking but will not ever thought of linking him with the term - fashionable, let alone fashionista! However, I do see the transformation in him in the movie from a true blue nerd to a fashion icon. I only got one word for that - "WOW!"  JOO Won great acting skills never fail to evoke emotions of the audience, I was touched and teared slightly towards the end of the movie.

Beside pretty faces, funny scenes and lines that keep you well-entertained, the movie is also trying to convey important messages across:

1. Wearing loads of branded stuff does not makes one with more fashion sense, nor turn one into fashion icon.  The way to "dopeness" is to be confident of yourself, wearing what you feel most comfortable in and bring out your own style.

2. Do not concede to the bullies, but rather, you should stand up for yourself; however violence should not be taken in as the approach to retaliate the bullies.

3. To transform oneself needs much perseverance and determination, and one needs to be clear in his mind, the directions

Fashion King will be screening in Singapore on 12th Mar 2015!


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