Triumph In The Skies 《衝上云霄》 Movie Review

Movie Synopsis 故事大綱
Young pilot Branson (Louis KOO) recently takes over Skylette, his father’s aviation empire, only to realize his old flames Cassie (Charmaine SHEH) is a flight attendant there. Several years ago, he was forced to break up with her and move to New York to take care of his father's business. To this day, the two continue to harbor feelings for each other...

In an effort to rebrand the airline, Branson invites rock idol TM (Sammi CHENG) to star in an upcoming commercial and appoints Sam (Fransic NG) as her flying consultant. Incongruent in both tastes and experience, this odd couple gets off on the wrong foot. As the shoot progresses, however, they slowly discover each other's merits, developing a strong mutual attraction.

Jayden (Julien CHEUNG) has left Skylette Airline to become a pilot for private jets. He meets the young and vivacious Kika (KUO Tsai Chieh) during a flight and assumes her to be wayward and shallow. But they turn out to have a lot in common and start falling madly in love. At the height of their romance, Jayden realizes almost too late the secret behind her recalcitrance…

Each of the three relationships comes with its own setbacks. As long as one can accept the imperfection of things, finding happiness—however fleetingly—is a blessing in itself.

年青機師Branson(古天樂飾),從爸爸手上接管生意後,全力打理Skylette天頌航空。他与公司的空中服務員Cassie(佘詩曼飾)原來是前度關係。數年前Branson因要往紐約接管家族生意,只好無奈跟她暫別,但其實大家心中都一直有對方,只是沒有宣之於口。為幫公司建立新形象,Branson邀請Rock Star TM(鄭秀文飾)拍攝宣傳片,並由Sam(吳鎮宇飾)擔任拍攝時的飛行顧問,二人早前為航班誤點有過磨擦而見面時非常尷尬,但過程中竟又互相發現對方的優點,暗生情愫。顧夏陽Jayden(張智霖飾)為待遇更佳的私人機師一職,離開天頌。一次航程,遇上年輕活潑的女子Kika(郭采潔飾),起初只覺得她是貪圖金錢、任性妄為的女子,但性格吻合又令兩人火速戀上,正當愛得纏綿之際,Jayden得悉原來奉行及時行樂的Kika的背後另有原因……三段感情,發展都不似預期,但原來只要明白到世事再沒完美,能夠在歲月如歌中找到快樂便已足夠。

Movie Trailer

Directors 導演:   
Wilson Yip 葉偉信, Matt Chow 鄒凱光
Starring 領銜主演: 
Louis Koo 古天樂, Sammi Cheng 鄭秀文, Francis Ng 吳鎮宇, Julian Cheung 張智霖,
Charmaine Sheh 佘詩曼, Amber Kuo Tsai Chieh 郭采潔, Oceane Zhu 朱璇, Liu Jun Xiao 劉俊孝

Co-starring 主演:
Kenneth Ma 馬國明, Kong May Yee Elena 江美儀, Remotigue Joventino Couto 恭碩良,
Mark Ma 馬鑫, Liao Jingsheng 廖京生

Movie Review
Triumph in the Skies is Hong Kong's first television drama on aviation which first premiered in October 2003 as one of the year's biggest productions. The series was shot in beautiful locations like Rome, Florence, Sapporo and flight school Flight Training Adelaide. Ten years later, the sequel to Triumph in the Skies began shooting in 2012 and was aired in July 2013. The crew shot in England, France, Hainan, Gaoxiong and Kenting.

For this movie, some of the characters remain with the addition of Branson (Louis KOO),  Cassie (Charmaine SHEH) and Kika (KUO Tsai Chieh). If you are expecting the movie to be along the similar storyline as the drama serial, then you will be disappointed.  At least this is the feedback that I gathered from those who had watch the drama serial before.

As I have not watched the drama serial, therefore my review will likely be more neutral as there wasn't any particular expectations from me.  Other than the story continue to surround the airline company, Skylette, there is totally no connection to the drama serial. While the movie is starred by many mega stars it is presented in anthology style, with three short romance stories of these pilots.  It will suits more of those who are into romance movies or the typical fans of these casts.

Branson (Louis KOO) and Cassie (Charmaine SHEH) is much of a romantic story, where ex-lovers meet again and the love is rekindled.  The retro colour tone sets in the mood real well.  There is great chemistry between the two and the lovey dovey moments are so natural that they felt like a real couple.

Sam (Fransic NG) and TM (Sammi CHENG) are a very cute couple where they get to know each other through conflicts.  From the detesting each other to falling in love, there are many cute and funny moments which brings us to great laughter. And one thing for sure, Sammi has a great charisma as TM, the Rock Chic, she is so cool that I can't get my eyes off her!  And the song "Over the Rainbow" turned to a rock song, was pretty cool and only towards the end of the movie, I realised it was actually rearranged by the true blue Rock Chic - Rock Mui, Ellen Loo and her team.

Jayden (Julien CHEUNG) and Kika (KUO Tsai Chieh) is more of typical "ill-fated" couple that need to go through the obstacles in life to be together. The bathtub scene is probably the most memorable moment of the two, but if you were expecting some steamy moments, sorry, you will be disappointed.

Asked which of the 3 stories I love most, I'll tell you it definitely got to be the story of Sam (Fransic NG) and TM (Sammi CHENG) !  The chemistry between them is somehow awkward yet interesting and beyond words. I just can't help wanting to know what's going to happen next in the story development.


如果你期待 《沖上雲霄》這部電影與電視劇的故事會有關聯,那你必定大失所望。故事除了依然環繞著Skylette天頌航空與其航空服務人員以外,再也沒有其相關。

電影其實以三部愛情小品串成,圍繞著Branson(古天樂飾)與Cassie(佘詩曼飾)﹔ Sam(吳鎮宇飾)與搖滾歌手 TM(鄭秀文飾)﹔ 及顧夏陽Jayden(張智霖飾)與Kika(郭採潔飾),三對情侶。


Sam(吳鎮宇飾)與 TM(鄭秀文飾)因工作上的立場不相同而起沖突,卻也因為工作而結識相知。當中不乏令人忍俊不住的畫面。鄭秀文飾演的 TM 實在太帥、太酷了!而她演唱的"Over the Rainbow" 搖滾版,原來是由真正的 Rock Mui,盧凱彤與班底重新編曲,令人耳目一新。


你若問我最喜歡當中的那故事,我想,應該是Sam(吳鎮宇飾)與 TM(鄭秀文飾)之間的故事吧!兩人之間產生了一種很特別的化學作用,令我經不住想要追看他們的進展。

Triumph in the Skies  will be screening in local cinemas on 19th February 2015 !


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