AOne Claypot House Love Porridge Charity Day 2015

AOne Claypot House will be holding a Love Porridge Charity Day on 10th February 2015, where all CASH proceeds from all their 9 outlets will be channel to the building funds of Singapore Rainbow Centre's new wing. DJs from UFM100.3 will also be making their appearance at 6 of the outlets at the stated timing. Do make your way to AOne Claypot House, where you get to contribute to charity while enjoying some good food and get a chance to interact with the DJs. Each claypot, is not only filled with scrumptious ingredients, but also overloaded with love, pls show your support and spread some love!

为帮助彩虹中心建设新校园,满足学生们的教育和职业先修需求,以及为看护者和专业人士提供培训和咨询设施,AOne 沙锅粥将于2月10日,星期二当天举行爱心粥义卖日,旗下9所家餐厅的现金收入将全数捐赠彩虹中心!

UFM 100.3 的 DJs 们将莅临其6所店面与大家共襄盛举。每一个砂锅,装的不仅是丰盛的食材,也装载了满满的爱心,希望大家前来购买爱心粥以示支持并一同献爱心!

The 9 AOne Claypot House Outlets 
AOne 沙锅粥旗下9间店面: 
Junction 8
Tampines 1
Chinatown Point
Jurong Point
The Sports Hub
The Seletar Mall
Causeway Point
Bukit Panjang Plaza

DJs from UFM 100.3 will be making their appearance at below 6 outlets 
(UFM 100.3 的 DJs 们将们将于一下时段莅临其6所店面):
Seletar Mall, 11.30am Jing Yun 菁云
NEX, 12.30pm Liang Quan 良泉
Junction 8, 3pm Xin Ying 欣盈
Causeway Point, 5.30pm Wen Hong 文鸿
Tampines One, 6.30pm Li Mei 丽梅
Sports Hub Kallang Wave, 7.30pm Xiao Zhu 小猪

The Special Menu on Love Porridge Charity Day 

AOne Claypot House has been focusing on Corporate Social Responsibilities efforts. 50% of their staff are 50 years old and above, with the oldest employee, a 78 years old pantry staff. Beside helping the elderlies, they also pay attention on the development of the future generation, especially disabled children with learning difficulties.  Just last weekend, AOne Claypot House Kallang Wave outlet has hosted a Charity Dinner for elderly from Chee Hoon Kog Moral Home For The Aged Sick

AOne 沙锅粥一向关注弱势群体,他们除了资助独居老人之外,也非常重视培育下一代,特别是有特殊学习障碍的儿童们。上周末,AOne 沙锅粥加冷分店也义务地款待了星洲德教济云阁的几位年长人士。

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