[Movie Review] Meet Miss Anxiety 《我的早更女友》

There's hardly any movie that I would want to watch more than twice, "My Sassy Girl" is probably the only movie I watched four times!!!  Coincidentally, I've also watched "Cyborg Girl" at least two times. And each time I watch these two movies, I still get touched and got into tears. And never did I realise that both movies by same director - KWAK Jae-yong and are part of his "Asian Girlfriends Trilogy".  Upon learning this, I got super excited about catching "Meet Miss Anxiety", which is the final sequel to the trilogy.

一般上,我都不愛重看電影,唯獨 《我的野蠻女友》,我看了不下四次!恰巧,《我的機器人女友》,我也看了至少兩次。每一次觀賞這兩部電影,我都感動不已,而落淚。但,一直以來都不知道,這兩部電影都是郭在容導演的作品,也屬容導“亞洲女友三部曲”的其中兩部。因而,得知《我的早更女友》乃是容導演“亞洲女友三部曲”的終結篇時,更是倍感興奮!

Four years ago, Qi Jia’s beloved college boyfriend Liu Chong plans to work in Beijing, while Qi prefer to stay in her home town. At their graduation ceremony, Qi proposes to Liu in the public, only to be rejected, which ends their love story. After their graduation, Qi got very passive and and rented a flat together with her schoolmate, Yuan Xiao’ou who was homeless at that time. Qi had never heard from Liu Chong after then until she got his wedding invitation two years later, she was devastated and caught an early menopause syndrome...


Director 導演   KWAK Jae-yong 郭在容
Cast 主演         Zhou Xun 周迅, Tong Dawei 佟大為, Han-Liang Chung 鐘漢良, 
                               Zhang Zilin 張梓琳
Genre 類型       Comedy/Romance 喜劇/愛情
Duration 片長  :98 mins 98 分鐘

Movie Review / 觀后感:
The movie is very light-hearted and draws many laughter throughout with the humorous dialogue.  At the same time, it is a very heart-warming and touching, and stirred much emotions.  A truly delightful movie that brings you to laughter and tears at the same time.  Beside the great cinematography, this is also a good mix of beautiful music as the film score which seems to be one distinctive traits of 
KWAK Jae-yong's movie.  Apparently Jae-young Kwak has a fetish for the song "Canon In D", which is used as film score for both "My Sassy Girl" and "Meet Miss Anxiety". 

No doubt, Zhou Xun's charisma really brings out the character well, however, the years are unforgiving, we can't deny that she stand to loose out to the young and new actress, Zhang Zilin. Many times, we got distracted by the beauty of Zhang Zilin. Though Zilin is young and pretty, I feel that Zhou Xun may still be the one, more suited for the character.  If only this movie is filmed 5 years earlier, it will probably be a more convincing one as it is a real challenge for the forty year old Zhou Xun to act as a 20+ year old gal.

Afterthoughts: Many times, we are seeking high and low for "The ONE", however, most often, it is after having gone around in circles, that we came to realise that we are actually in love with our own infatuation and "The ONE" has always been around you.

這部浪漫喜劇電影影不時以幽默的對白引起哄然大笑。然而,溫馨與感人的場面亦不少﹔在博得觀眾的歡笑的同時,也引來觀眾的淚水。唯美的拍攝手法與動人的電影配樂,令人看了心曠神怡。感覺上,郭導演偏愛“Canon In D”,同一個曲目出現在《我的野蠻女友》及《我的早更女友》。



MEET MISS ANXIETY will be screening in local cinemas on 5th February 2015.

Last but not least, thanks Clover Films for the invitation to this special preview.


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