[Food Review] Insadong Korea Town @ Resorts World Sentosa

Stepping into Insadong Korea Town @ Resort World Sentosa makes you feel like you are in the land of Korea!  Signboards, fixtures and decorations are actually imported from Korea to replicate the setting of the famous Insadong Korea Street in Seoul, which is popular for their Korean traditional cuisine, culture and crafts.  Other than savouring authentic Korean cuisine, you can shop for Korean merchandise, accessories and souvenirs at the retail carts.

Recipes are brought in from Korea, with food supplies air flown direct from Korea; true blue Korean chefs are also hired to present diners with an authentic Korean dining experience.   With an assortment of over 200 types of authentic Korean, Korean-Chinese, Korean-Western, Korean-Japanese cusine and street food, there is bound to have something that suit your taste bud!

The food order system at Insadong Korea Town is pretty similar to the concept of Marché.  Only that Insadong Korea Town is using self ordering kiosk, which currently, accepts only cash payment.  Other modes of payment including credit card payment will be implemented later.

First, select the food item and place the order with quantity required, followed by pressing the green button at the bottom right and a receipt will be dispensed. Present your receipt at the counter in exchange for a ‘beeper’ that will beep to alert that food is ready.

On a sunny island of Singapore, it is great to have a cup of Iced Honey Citron Tea (S$4) which is both refreshing and thirst quenching.

The Kimchi Pancake is sure authentic and savoury.  It taste even better after dip with the vinegar soy sauce, simply appetising!

Toppoki which is basically Korean Rice Cake - it is spicy but simply shiok! Slurp!

The Ginseng Chicken Soup (S$28) taste sort of bland and I could hardly taste the ginseng.  It taste better after milk is added, and chicken spliced open with the ingredients stuffed within the chicken mixed with the broth.

The proper way to eating Bossam is to have the pork belly, kimchi, garlic and chilli slices, together with ssamjang bean-and-chili paste, wrapped in a lettuce. I would prefer the pork belly slices to be slightly thinner as they are overcooked and tend to be tough and dry.

I'm sure there are many people out there who love Xiao Long Bao like me. But Xiao Long Bao in Kimchi Soup (S$13)???  Isn't this innovative?  The kimchi soup is very appetising, to level up the spiciness, we pour the chilli sauce to the soup and it is simply mind blowing!

The thick and creamy sauce of the Pumpkin spaghetti tasted like salted egg which is why I like this dish!  However, you need to eat this dish while it is hot, otherwise, you may feel surfeit due to its creaminess.

Mushroom Beef Bulgogi Hotpot for 4 or more to share (S$40) has a good mix of mushroom, Jap chae (better known as Korean glass noodles) and beef. I love the springy jap chae and mushroom!!!

Beef Bulgogi Baked Rice (S$15) - not to my fancy as I'm generally not a beef lover. I find that it taste better when mixed with the Mushroom Beef Bulgogi Hotpot as it is a bit too dry.

The Water-melon Soju (S$30) has to be one my favourite!  The cocktail mix of water-melon juice and soju taste sweet and mild, great for those who hardly drink / don't fancy alcohol.  However for the alchohol lovers, they may find the content level of alcohol is too low.

The Mixed Fruits Shaved Ice (S$10)looks lovely with the colors, love the mix of the fruits.

Highlight of the night- Jcone (S$6)!  Apparantly, this is very popular in Korea, this is definitely too much for 1 pax to have as dessert, unless this is going to be your main! But it's challenging to break it into parts for sharing as the corn cone is rather thick and tough.  Interesting dessert and some naughty guys relate it to... (Think beyond only if you are qualify to watch R21)

What's better than getting Ms. Jacq to pose with the Jcone

The Red Bean Pancake (S$7.80) is delightful and I love the red bean paste for being moderately sweet, and thank god, it's not too oily too.  But if the dough is thinner or with a thicker red bean paste, this dessert would be perfect!

Overall, I feel that dining at Insadong is still enjoyable and affordable.  There is a wide variety of choice and pricing is rather reasonable so it will be probably be a great option for the larger family / group when on an escapade at Resort World Sentosa.

Last but not least, thanks TIN for inviting!

Insadong Korea Town
26 Sentosa Gateway,
#01-30/31/32/33 Singapore 098138

Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)
Tel No.: +65 6238 8221
Website: http://insadong.sg


  1. i always like marche concept! hopefully insadong will open one in Penang too! =D

    this is how you should order!


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