BRING BACK THE DEAD 《招魂》Gala Premiere and Movie Review

First local movie to kick start 2015, BRING BACK THE DEAD 《招魂》 is produced by mm2 Entertainment Pte Ltd, Weiyu Films and Clover Films. I got to attend the gale premiere of BRING BACK THE DEAD, where the director, Lee Thean-jeen and the leading casts - Jesseca Liu, Jacko Chiang, Liu Ling Ling graced the event.

2015年的首部本地電影動,《招魂》,是由 mm2 Entertainment Pte Ltd, Weiyu Films and Clover Films 製作, 有幸出席了《招魂》的首映禮。.導演李天仁與主要演員劉子絢, 蔣偉文與劉玲玲也出席了首映禮並,謝謝 Clover Films 的邀請。

From Left to Right: Emcee Tan Li Yi and Spokeman of Clover Films and mm2 Entertainment
Left to Right: Director Lee Thean-jeen, casts: Liu Ling Ling, Jacko Chiang, Jesseca Liu and emcee Tan Li Yi

Jesseca Liu 劉子絢

Jacko Chiang 蔣偉文

Liu Ling Ling 劉玲玲

Director Lee Thean-jeen 李天仁

Bring Back The Dead Movie Synopsis / 《招魂》影片大綱
The movie revolves around Jia En (Jesseca Liu), a doting mother who loses her seven-year-old son in a tragic road accident. Beyond grief over her son’s death, she seeks the help of her former caregiver, Mdm Seetoh (Liu Ling Ling), to bring back his soul so that he can be ‘by her side’. However, after several strange and deadly occurrences in the house, she begins to suspect that there is something amiss with the soul she has brought back. When she discovers the horrifying truth, it may be at the cost of her own life as well as those around her.

當她的獨生子因遇車禍不幸喪命時,一個傷心欲絕的嘉恩(劉子絢 飾)因為沉浸於失子的悲傷,決定請小時候照顧她的保姆,司徒姐(劉玲玲 飾)協助她把兒子的靈魂招回她身邊。


Directed by 導演: Lee Thean-jeen 李天仁

Casts 演員:
Jesseca Liu 劉子絢 as Jia En
Jacko Chiang 蔣偉文 as De Wei
Liu Ling Ling 劉玲玲 as Mdm Seetoh
Shawn Tan 陳凱軒 as Xiao Le
Yang Tian Fu 楊添福 as Master Chen
Jennifer Ebron as Nora
Xue Ting as Anna
Timothy Law 劉顯輝 as Tam
Junior Tan 陳志豪 as Tong
Eelyn Kok郭蕙雯 as Wen Qian
Shannen Tan 陳萱恩 as Young Jia En

Movie Review /《招魂》觀后感:
Upon watching the trailer during previous Clover Films' bloggers event, the movie was already in my must watch list.

Despite first time acting as a mother, Jesseca Liu was convincing as a mother in a total distraught, desperately wanting to bring back her dead son alive.  She also managed to bring out the character's paranoia.  She has managed to capture the audience's attention and lead them to her emotions.  Both Jacko and Liu Ling Ling also performed well.

Unlike most supernatural movies that scares one with the ghastly/gruesome characters/scenes or heavily dependant on sound effects, the movie brings horror by playing with the fear factor.  Through the character's emotions fear of the unknown, with great mix of lighting, music and sound effects, it creates an atmosphere of creepiness that send chills down one's spine.  However, there is one particular disturbing scene of a puppy being microwaved which may make some feel like puking.  In fact, some of the guy audience confessed that they were really aghast by the movie.

There's a twist towards the ending, which maybe predictable for some as bits and pieces of hint were given throughout the movie, see if you managed to guess what happened exactly.  While this is a horror / thriller movie, there are also some touching scenes towards the end of the movie that may brought upon tears other than fear. I would think that this is one of the most outstanding supernatural movies for these recent years, with a solid storyline, rather than nowaday common horror-comedies and creature-driven horror films.  The casts managed to bring out the innermost feelings of the characters, bringing you through their emotions.

於較早前Clover Films的博客活動中觀賞了《招魂》電影預告片,我便已知道這部是一部不可錯過的電影。


與一般以恐怖角色,或大量以音響效果取勝的恐怖片,《招魂》則以內心的恐懼出擊。透過角色對於超自然的恐懼,配上適當的燈光,音樂及音響的效果營造恐怖的氛圍,令人不寒而栗。影中有一幕, 小狗被微波爐烤焦的一幕,倒是令人印象深刻,深感惡心。一些男觀眾坦言,他們的確有被電影嚇倒。


Behind the Scenes / 幕后花絮
The inspiration of the movie comes from a short story, " Bringing Back The Dead" written by Wong Sww Hoon.
《招魂》灵感来自一篇“Bringing Back The Dead”的短文,作者为Wong Swee Hoon。

The movie is filmed within 19 days.
电影是在19 天内完成的。

Jacko Chiang actually has fear for the supernatural and he was wasn't aware that he will be acting in a supernatural movie when he first got the script as he only receive half of it. He had initially thought that he will be acting in a family drama with comedic elements, which turns out to be a supernatural thriller.

Liu Ling Ling is able to sense the existence of the supernatural from the other dimension in real life.

Viewers may spot something "unusual" in a mirror in a scene somewhere in the last seven minutes or so of the film.  It was discovered after the film was put together, it was not deleted off during the film editing as it was something interesting and open to interpretation.

In one scenes where Jesseca's hand are hit by the piano cover repeatly, she actually got hit once as somehow the piano cover mysteriously did not landed on the cotton pad that is supposed to support the piano cover to avoid her hands getting hit for real.

BRING BACK THE DEAD will be screening in local cinemas on 8th January 2015.
Image Credit for non water-marked images: Clover Films Singapore


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