AmaSoy New Launch - Hokkaido Milk Soft Serve, Churros Twist and JCon

Craving to end the week with a sweet note?  With the soft serve craze still riding high in Singapore, AmaSoy has introduced 3 new products set to make a difference in this competitive dessert market. The signature items include the Hokkaido Milk Soft Serve, the Churros Twist and Jcone.

AmaSoy prides itself in presenting quality Japanese desserts and Hokkaido milk drinks. An example would be enhancing AmaSoy’s Japanese Puddings with Collagen and Omega3 (DHA), which means both beauty and health in a tantalizing dessert.

The Hokkaido Soft Serve AmaSoy’s Hokkaido milk soft serve is available in vanilla, matcha and mixed vanilla-matcha flavours. Made with premium Japanese matcha powder imported from Kyoto Japan, the matcha soft serve has a natural delicate taste and goodness of green tea with incredibly smooth texture:  Price: $2.50 for cone or sundae.

Churros Twist - When Japanese soft serve meets Spanish churros: AmaSoy’s soft serve ice cream gets a twist when paired with piping hot crispy Spanish churros, and drizzled with a choice of chocolate/strawberry/mango sauce. Price: $3.50 for regular cup, $5.50 for large cup, 50 cents for additional sauce.

JCone - When Japanese soft serve meets Korean JCone: The JCone, also known as ‘Jipangyi’ or ‘Seoul cane ice cream’, is a corn snack filled with soft serve ice cream, and very popular street snack in Insadong Korea. AmaSoy’s JCone shells are freshly made in Singapore from 100% sweet corn. Price: $5 per cone.

While the existing Matcha and Azuki Red Bean Hokkaido Milk Drinks continue to be one of the best selling drinks, AmaSoy is also expanding its offering with Japanese-inspired drinks including Matcha Hokkaido Milk Shake and Iced Yuzu Drink.

AmaSoy Outlet Address: 
Ion Orchard #B4-64 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 9:45pm
Tel: +65 97682284


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