[Beauty Product Review] Good Bye White Hair with CIELO Cream Hair Color

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Many people whom I met, commented that I don't look like my age, someone who will be stepping into her forties soon. It's probably my chubby cheeks that help, but I can't help feeling my growing white hair give way to my age.

With Christmas and New Year approaching, we are expecting invitations to celebrations and parties. My white hair can be quite disturbing so I jumped on the chance when I was offered the opportuity to do a review on CIELO cream hair colour.  While doing the review, I can make some changes for myself this Christmas, isn't this killing two birds with one stone?

The CIELO cream hair colour, ia rather convenient and hassle-free home dye kit for perfect grey hair coverage. The steps to using CIELO is as easy as 1-2-3.

Pull the flap of the box and you can use it as a standing box

1. Press the button and apply the two color creams directly onto the specially designed comb.

2. Comb the color cream into your hair and leave for 15 minutes.  If you noticed, I'm actually wearing poncho to avoid the cream to drip and stain my clothes, smart right?  Lol...

3. Rinse well and wash your hair with shampoo and complete the process with hair conditioner!

As compared to other brands, CIELO does not have a typical ammonia type of smell. And there's no signs of irritation to my rather sensitive scalp. And best of all, it provides natural shine and radiance to the hair after colouring and it doesn't cause extreme dryness to my hair.  Of course, proper after-color care is important to maintain the vibrancy of your hair color, it is recommended to use shampoos, conditioners and treatments products that are meant for color treated hair.


After - P/S: The white patches are actually reflection of light 
as my mom really can't take picture well
Another thing I like about CIELO Cream Hair Color, is that it allows multiple applications for touch-up, you can keep the remaining cream for future use.  Do note that for those with exteremely long / extremely thick hair, 1 set may be insufficient for use and you probably need another set.

The CIELO Hair cream is now available in leading Pharmacies and Supermarkets at a promotion price of 2 for $28.00 (usual $17.90 each). Do get yours soon if you wanted to enjoy the product at a value price!

Disclaimer: Individual experience and result may differ.


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