Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Celebrating Christmas with a Personal Touch at Pasticceria Ferrero

The producer of world’s most celebrated praline, Ferrero, had its first Southeast Asia boutique - Pasticceria Ferrero in Wisma Atria,  Singapore, on 26 November, 2014. First of its kind in the world, the Ferrero boutique is only available for this festive season. 

South East Asia Managing Director of Ferrero Asia Ltd, Mr. Rudy Sequeira, started off with his opening speech.  Then, together with South East Asia Marketing Director, Leonardo Perrone, and Mediacorp Celebrity couple, Joanne Peh and Qi Yu Wu, who graced the event, did the ribbon cutting to officially launch the store. 

Joanne Peh's Fans waiting eagerly for her arrival for the opening of Pasticceria Ferrero
South East Asia Managing Director of Ferrero Asia Ltd, Mr. Rudy Sequeira did the opening

Joanne Peh Waving at her fans

“Ferrero Rocher has always celebrated the spirit of gifting.  The fine elegance of our pralines makes them the special gift for precious moments. This exclusivity is further underlined by our long Italian Heritage, high quality ingredients and the delicate process that goes into every chocolate we produce.”, elaborated by Leonardo Perrone de Almeida.  The event also unveiled the longstanding and unique heritage of Ferrero, bringing the fine art of Italian creation to life with the making of Ferrero Rocher.  From choosing the highest quality ingredients to hand-picking of the finest of hazelnuts which form the heart of Rocher, and covering with decadent chocolate that reflects the elite taste of those who gift them.

Ferrero Chefs, Luca Dellapiana and Alessandria Davide, flew in to Singapore from Italy, to lead a live demonstration of the making of Ferrero Rocher. Joanne Peh had the chance to create her own individual precious gift for her husband, QiYuwu. Visitors to the Pasticceria Ferrero will also get to watch live demonstrations of the making of Ferrero Rocher by Ferrero’s specially trained Italian Chefs from 29 November to 1 December.
Ferrero Italian Chefs Davide and Luca
Qi Yuwu & Joanne Peh checking out Chef Davide's demonstration on the making of Ferrero Rocher

Qi Yuwu & Joanne Peh hands on making Ferrero Rocher

Joanne Peh Feeding Qi Yuwu and her self made Ferrero Rocher
This year, Singaporeans will have a chance to customise their gift boxes in the Pasticceria Ferrero at Orchard Road’s Wisma Atria with a variety of pralines, including special pralines that are exclusive to Singapore for this Christmas only.  Exclusive pralines - Ferrero Tenderly White, Ferrero Cappucino, Ferrero Tenderly Nougat, Ferrero Manderly, Mon Chéri, Pocket Coffee, Kusschen White, Kusschen Milk, Kusschen Dark, Raffaello and Ferrero Rondnoir are avilable at the Pasticceria Ferrero.  In addition, Ferrero Rocher will also bring in its all-time Christmas Limited Edition Rocherone and the Christmas Pyramid. The new range of Ferrero Rocher will be available for a limited period only.

As the Pasticceria Ferrero will only be available for a limited period during this festive season, so do pop by and grab some exclusive pralines to prepare a personalized gift boxes to your loved ones.

Customizing Gift Boxes with Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Pralines Selection


  1. So interesting! Did they give out Ferrero Rochers too?

    1. Hi Shermaine, yes, we are given a chance to customize our gift box with 6 chocolate pralines of our own choice.