Sunset Yoga at Soulscape in Tanjong Beach Sentosa

I almost can't recall when was the last time I had a serious work out. So I jump on the chance to do the Sunset Yoga when Hpility SG received invitation to attend Soulscape.

Before the start of the event, we were invited to a Media presentation where the people behind the event shared with us the purpose of Soulscape, to get the like-minded people together, to interact and connect one another, and to promote health and wellness through the form of Yoga, healthy eating, etc.

Apart from Sunset Yoga and Yoga Rave, we get the chance to try out other forms of yoga - Acro Yoga, Slacklining, Surfset, etc.

Acro Yoga

Stunts on Monkey Bars
A number of us tried the Surfset, but it isn't easy at all.  I totally failed, I had such a hard time trying to balance myself and my limbs just aren't strong enough to carry my body weight, looks like it's time for more fitness. However, Samuel is great in balancing himself while doing the Surfset, he even managed to do pump ups, kudos to him!
Samuel doing Surfset (Photo Credit: Tse Lyn)

Samuel doing pump ups when trying surfset (Photo Credit: Tse Lyn)

Samuel shared that Surfset puts one's core and balancing to the ultimate test. He loves how it challenges one physically highly recommend all to try out Surfset.

In additional, there are many other fringe activities and booths selling healthy / organic food products, as well as aromatic products and accessories.

Yummy Rejuicenate Coconut Juice

Lotuswei Booth

Cool Soulscape UV Painting on Samuel's arm

Tse Lyn doing UV painting on Samuel's hand

My Sticker Tatoo

Finally, it's time for Sunset Yoga, it also meant some group photos before the session starts!

Photo with Jasmine, CF and Tse Lyn

Selfie with younger sister, CF
The session starts at 5:30pm and the sun is brimming up high, wished that it started a bit later say 6:00pm, but this may mean that the next session need to be postponed to 1/2 hour later, which may not be ideal as it is recommended to have any food intake just before the yoga session. It will mean the need to go through hunger pangs if the session started late should participants had intentions to do both Yoga sessions.

Basic stretching is not an issue for me, however, there are certain yoga poses that require balancing as well as ultimate stretching which I have problem achieving them. As I'm not getting any younger and with less workout, I do not attempt to strike those poses. Reason being, I may run the risk getting myself injured if I attempt to do them in the incorrect manner. The 2 hours sunset yoga is certainly a great work out for me. And it is definitely a memorable experience!

Photographed by: Samuel Wee (unless stated/watermarked)


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